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    Rose wallpapers create romantic room designs

    Various shades of light pink in multiple styles create cottage style flair or romantic and homey atmospheres. Take a look at lovely patterns and shades by Rasch wallpapersAS Creation wallpapers, livingwalls wallpapers or Erismann wallpapers and Marburg wallpapers. Besides rose-coloured wallpapers, OREX also offers tools for easy wallpapering and wallpaper removal, as well as paint and painters' supplies for additional colours on your walls.

    Lovely Wall Designs - Rose-Coloured Wallpapers

    Rose-coloured wallpapers are often connected to feminine connotations as the colour represents empathy, care and love. Romantic wallpapers in rose build a loving and intimate room atmosphere. Rose-coloured walls exude a soft, lovely energy and spread encouraging feelings. From fine stripes, over playful dots to graphic patterns or cartoon motifs - rose wallpapers convey passion, friendliness and understanding. Surprisingly enough, rose skilfully unites childish characteristics and and interpersonal attraction. The more intense the rose tone the more passion radiates. This impression is supported by large motifs. Soft nuances of rose are often used for girly bedrooms where they heighten subconsciously the princesses' mood. Although rose is often associated with girls, it is needless to say that small boys and grown men can be just as delighted by the colour. Create a room full of warmth and comfort with rose wallpapers. Maybe you will find a floral wallpaper for even more alternation and positive emotions within your four walls. Explore rose wallpaper, antique pink wallpapers, pastel rose wallpapers, piggy pink wallpapers or delicate pink wallpapers in this category. From romantic to cottage style and shabby chic - find the right wallpaper for your style ideas in the OREX wallpaper shop!