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Wallpapers by Rasch


Rasch Wallpapers always offers the right wallpaper for your very own taste, from bright colours to delicate pastel shades, from sophisticated, shiny ornaments and colourful floral patterns to clear graphic patterns and simple shapes - there is a limitless selection here! The family-run company focuses on classic as well as modern and contemporary wallpaper designs. The Rasch Wallpaper range also includes wallpapers in a cool and elegant industrial look as well as flowers in a vintage style. The selected designs with exotic patterns will give your home a luxurious feeling. With one of the many plain coloured wallpapers, a variety of combinations is possible to create beautiful moments in any room.


With the diverse wallpaper collections you can give every room that certain something and create a unique interior design. In our shop we offer for example Rasch wallpapers Factory 3, Rasch wallpapers Florentine 2 and Rasch wallpapers Trianon. So Rasch wallpapers offer great possibilities for an individual and creative interior design. 


Rasch also offers a large selection of individual, friendly motif wallpapers for stylish wall design in children's and young people's rooms. With its unique designs, the family-run company creates the conditions for an all-round successful living room design in living rooms and bedrooms. But the wallpaper manufacturer also offers various wallpaper designs for the hallway, kitchen or bathroom.

As one of the leading wallpaper manufacturers, Rasch is known nationally and internationally and produces wallpapers made of fleece, paper, satin and vinyl. Rasch maintains the right balance between traditional and modern design ideas and convinces with decorative solutions for a wide range of living styles. It succeeds time and again in surprising with impressive innovations - even working with famous personalities shows fun with the product and a diverse selection of high-quality wallpapers. In the Orex wallpaper shop you will find wallpapers of the wallpaper manufacturer Rasch at reasonable prices.