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Beautiful home textiles for every room from OREX  

Curtains, drapes, cushions and blankets play a crucial role in completing interior design, especially after extensive renovation work. They are not only practical elements that provide privacy and cosiness, but also essential accents that bring colour, warmth, style and personality to any room. The OREX online shop understands this importance and therefore presents a diverse range of home textiles in various fabrics and colours to enhance any interior design. Order home textiles such as curtains, drapes, cushions and more at OREX now! 

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Discover curtains and drapes at OREX 

At OREX you will find half curtains, panel curtains and sliding curtains, loop and eyelet curtains.Our range includes a wide range of products from internationally recognised brand manufacturers such as:  

  • Elbersdrucke,  
  • Homing and  
  • Schöner Wohnen.  

This selection makes it possible to set individual accents with different colours and fabrics and precisely reflect your own living style in every room. Opaque curtains, which are available as eyelet or loop blinds, are particularly suitable for living and sleeping areas. In these rooms, they offer protection from prying eyes as well as from unwanted light, which is a particular advantage in the summer months. Sliding curtains or panel blinds are other versatile options that can be used to decorate window fronts and act as stylish room dividers

Other home textiles such as cushions and cushion covers 

But decorating a home doesn't end with choosing the right curtains or drapes. To create an overall feel-good atmosphere in a room, it is also advisable to integrate soft, cosy cushions and cushion covers into the furnishing concept. They complement the window decorations perfectly and help to create a harmonious overall look. You can find cushions and cushion covers at OREX in various colours and fabrics to suit your needs and preferences. 

The OREX online shop attaches great importance to providing the right curtains, drapes and cushions for every room design and every need. There are countless ways to personalise and tastefully design your own four walls. With such a wide range of products, it's easy to find the ideal finishing touch for any home. Order high-quality home textiles at OREX now! 

The exclusive advantages of OREX 

As an OREX customer, you not only have access to a wide range of renovation materials, but also enjoy numerous attractive benefits. When you order from OREX, you can rely on the following: 

  • Fast delivery across Germany and 
  • a variety of paymentoptions, including PayPal and direct debit. 

You also benefit from: 

  • a comprehensive FAQ and help section that answers the most frequently askedquestions
  • our digital contact form, which you can use at any time for questions or concerns, and 
  • our wallpaper guide, which provides valuable information about the ordering process as well as practical instructions for beginners and experts, including tips and tricks. 

Choose OREX - the online shop you can trust. Buy home textiles such as curtains, drapes, cushions and cushion covers from us now!