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Buy wallpaper from OREX online at a great price 

You want to renovate and still want to buy a wallpaper for your living room, dining room or bathroom online? The wallpapers from OREX offer you a huge selection of different wallpaper types for your home. No matter what wallpaper quality, be it photo wallpaper, smooth non-woven, satin or many others - you will definitely find something here, because there is something for every taste. Get the right wallpaper style for your home. Explore our range and buy wallpapers online at OREX! 

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Our range of different wallpapers

Whether textile wallpaper, smooth non-woven wallpaper, paper wallpaper or photo wallpaper: you will find suitable wallpapers in all possible colours, for every room and for every taste. OREX offers you the highest quality products. Get inspiration and design ideas for the design of your own four walls, according to your preferences. In addition to classic woodchip wallpapers, easy-to-install non-woven wallpapers or elegant satin wallpaper, OREX also offers you a wide range of other wallpapers such as: 

We will be happy to advise you free of charge on how to buy your wallpaper online at a favourable price. Or contact us via our contact form. Our competent and friendly customer support will be happy to help you. Design your own four walls with OREX now and buy your new wallpaper online! 

Buy OREX wallpapers from different designers online 

Similar to fashion, wallpaper designs are also significantly influenced by different people. In the OREX shop you can find wallpapers from many well-known and famous designers such as Guido Maria Kretschmer and Versace. Get your personal fashion design directly to your home and design your four walls according to the inspiration of other designers such as: 

Haven't found what you're looking for yet? Don't worry, because our wallpaper shop offers you a wide selection of other designers from whom you can choose a wallpaper to suit your taste. The impressive designs of our wallpapers will give your home the right style. 

Buy wallpapers from popular brands online 

Whether Rasch, Erfurt or Marburg. In our shop you will find a variety of wallpapers made in Germany by well-known wallpaper manufacturers. But you will also find wallpapers by international manufacturers such as Grandeco in our wide range of products. All manufacturers offer high-quality wallpaper of different types in various designs and colours. To find exactly the right wallpaper for your needs, you can use our filters for colours, designs or wallpaper type to find your dream wallpaper for your home once you have decided on a manufacturer. Let yourself be inspired by the large selection and be tempted to change your wallpaper with first-class wallpaper in your own four walls. 

The right wallpaper for every room

Depending on the room, different wallpapers are needed to suit the needs of the room. While in the bedroom breathable wallpaper is the better choice, in the bathroom and kitchen you should make sure that it is robust, water-, wash- or even scuff-resistant. But of course, choosing the right motif is also important. A cosy and elegant wallpaper for the bedroom and living room, a wallpaper on the theme of food and drink for the kitchen and a wallpaper with cute animals, princesses or dinosaurs for the children's room. OREX offers you the right design for every room of your home. 

Buy popular wallpapers online - the trends 

Our high-quality photo wallpapers bring breathtaking snapshots directly into your home. Photo wallpapers with wall-filling motifs are particularly popular. Choose from a wide variety of beautiful motifs for your wall design. Be it: 

  • Natural forests
  • White sandy beaches
  • or the skylines of various cities

But stone or wood-look wallpapers are also still very much in vogue. A natural atmosphere directly in your living room to relax sounds great. We also offer floral wallpapers with floral patterns in all imaginable colours and sizes. But don't worry, we also have quieter patterns and monochrome wallpapers for those who prefer to keep their walls a little more simple.

Is there anything else we can do to help you with wallpaper? In our wallpaper guide, you'll not only find all the answers about payment and shipping, but we also have some great instructions for beginners and professionals with tips and tricks. Choose your wallpaper now and buy online!