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Wall Insulation Erfurt KlimaTec Premium | 15m² + adhersive
Wall Insulation Erfurt KlimaTec Premium | 15m² + adhersive -21%
Wall Insulation Erfurt KlimaTec Premium | 15m² + adhersive 1 Wall Insulation Erfurt KlimaTec Premium | 15m² + adhersive 2 Wall Insulation Erfurt KlimaTec Premium | 15m² + adhersive 3

Wall Insulation Erfurt KlimaTec Premium | 15m² + adhersive

  • Item number: 1000638-2+kleister
  • Manufacturer: Erfurt
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Thermal Wall Insulation Erfurt KlimaTec Premium

The Erfurt KlimaTec Thermo Non-Woven Wallpaper Premium is an indoor insulation system and is used to achieve the maximum amount of heat is available to heat up the room air. It forms a reflective layer between cold wall and the room air. In doing so, the heating time of a room can be reduced up to 75%. At the same time you can save up to 22% of energy costs. Furthermore, the insulation system is breathable and improves mold prevention. Due to this fact, Thermo Non-Woven Wallpaper is also suitable for allergy sufferers. In addition, the Erfurt Thermo Non-Woven Wallpaper covers small cracks in the wall and conceals textured subsoils.

Notice: We recommend a dispersion-containing system adhesive.

Erfurt KlimaTec System Adhesive for Erfurt-KlimaTec Thermo Non-Woven Wallpaper 1001202

ERFURT KlimaTec system adhesive is a dispersion adhesive with high adhesive strength, developed especially for ERFURT KlimaTec Thermo Non-Woven Wallpaper. It can be used on all solid, smooth or slightly textured substrates on interior walls and ceilings. The substrate must be dry, clean and firm. Non-adherent old coatings must be removed. Strong height differences are to be compensated with filler. The container size of ERFURT KlimaTec system adhesive is 10 kg per bucket.

Note: One bucket of system adhesive is sufficient for about three rolls of Erfurt KlimaTec Thermo Non-Woven Wallpaper Basic rolls or about two rolls of Erfurt KlimaTec Thermo Non-Woven Wallpaper Premium rolls. The consumption amount is about 0.5 kg per square meter (depending on used quantity and substrate).

Erfurt KlimaTec Thermo Non-Woven Wallpaper Premium

  • Series: Erfurt Thermo Non-Woven Wallpaper Premium
  • Texture: plain
  • Colour: white, paintable
  • Material: thermal non-woven / insulating
  • Size: 2 rolls á approx. 10.0 x 0.75 m = 15 m²
  • Design match: free match
  • Characteristics: Minimal material thickness: 3.0 mm, Breathable and moisture-regulating, Mould prevention, Suitable for allergy-sufferers, Works with composite thermal insulation systems, Simple renovation of all solid base surfaces, including woodchip textures, Reduces the heating-up time in a room by up to 75 %, Up to 22 % long-term energy savings, Saving of up to 50 % stored thermal energy
  • Distinctions: suitable for walls and ceiling, energy-saving, covers cracks, new and original packaging, German brand product

ERFURT KlimaTec system adhesive

  • For indoors
  • High adhesion
  • Light and smooth application
  • Simple, fast and clean in processing
  • Optimum adhesion to the substrate
  • High wet strength
  • High wallpapering security
  • 20 minutes open time
  • Without addition of heavy metal compounds
  • Depending on the system structure, water vapor permeability according to DIN EN ISO 12 572 corresponds to a diffusion-equivalent air layer thickness of 0.07 m or 0.04 m in conjunction with ERFURT KlimaTec Thermo Non-Woven Wallpaper Basic or Premium

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