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Wall paints and varnishes - everything for your project 

Whether small repairs, renovations or large all-round projects: our Orex online shop has everything you need to beautify your home, from wall paints and varnishes to fillers, mould removers and cleaning products. We stock a wide selection of quality brands and offer information and support for your project. Browse through our range and discover wall paints, varnishes and more at great prices. Order your renovation kit now and design your home exactly how you want it

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Best wall paint for best results 

Scuffs on the wall? Mould in the corners? Discolouration on the facade? Or simply in the mood for something new? Our Orex online shop stocks over 25,000 products for all aspects of renovation. Our most popular products include the various wall paints and emulsions, which impress with the following properties: 

  • high opacity 
  • easy handling 
  • fast drying 
  • Large selection of colours 

For more colour accents, you can decide for yourself whether to choose tinting paints for mixing or a ready-to-use mixture for direct application. In addition to wall paints, the Orex range also includes facade paints, skirting paints, roof paints and anti-mould paints

Repair aids for all situations 

Before you start your painting project, you should check whether you still have any areas to repair. For cracks, holes and unevenness in the wall, we recommend filler. This is very easy to use and can repair any damage.

For walls that are infested with mould, the Orex online shop offers mould removers and cleaning agents, including disinfectants. If the affected wall is susceptible to mould, for example because it is an exterior wall of an older building, it should only be painted with anti-mould paint. Remember that mould in the home is harmful to health, especially for children. 

Paints and varnishes - every surface has its own requirements 

Whether radiators, parquet flooring, garage floors, rust-prone gates and similar outdoor areas, boats and yachts, windows and doors or a creative project: we have the right product for every area of application. This also includes a wide variety of coloured paint and metal protection paint, primer spray and effect paint in the form of spray paint. 

Important for all applications of spray paint and other paint colours: ensure good ventilation, follow the instructions and protect the surrounding area with painter's fleece

Wood protection & wood paint - fresh paint and no more weathering 

In our Wood Protection & Wood Colour category, the Orex online shop offers a wide range of products for wood, especially for outdoor use, such as 

  • Wood primer and impregnation ensures durability 
  • Weather protection paint protects the material from fading and discolouration 
  • Decking oil also withstands heavy abrasion 
  • Various wood stains prevent insect and fungal infestation 
  • Oil for teak and hardwood offers protection against the weather and pests 

Discover the options for outdoor areas and find the right wood protection and wood colour for your ideas. 

Discover high-quality wall paints, varnishes and much more at 

As an OREX customer, you benefit from a large selection of different renovation accessories and painting supplies as well as expert customer support. If you have any questions about our products or your order process, you can send us a message using our digital contact form. We will endeavour to answer your request as quickly as possible. In the meantime, take a look at our FAQ & Help section, where you will find answers to questions that may also be of interest to you.

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