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Primer Priming 10 liters Wilckens Indoor Outdoor

Primer Priming 10 liters Wilckens Indoor Outdoor

  • Item number: 13000100110
  • Manufacturer: Wilckens Tools
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Primer Priming 10 liters Indoor Outdoor Wilckens

Wilckens' primer is the perfect support for your renovation work. The German Brand product is available in 10 liters and optimally suited for priming highly absorbing woods which includes gypsum-lime plaster, cement and concrete surfaces. Furthermore, the product is low-emission.

Notice: This product should be stored in a safe place and out of the reach of children. Take all necessary safety-related measures to ensure a safe use.

Paint structure and application technology:
The substrate must be clean, dry, grease-free, even, load-bearing, absorbent and adhesive. Loose paint and plaster parts must be removed before painting. Damaged areas must be filled with filler. Thoroughly wash off glue/lime paints and chalking surfaces. Cover surfaces not to be primed well, as dried splashes are difficult to remove. Wipe off unintentional splashes immediately with a damp cloth. Stir well before use. Air, object and material temperature: at least + 5 °C. Test application recommended.
Apply evenly in one go, full and undiluted. Highly absorbent substrates should be primed twice wet-on-wet (i.e. apply 2 coats without drying times), then painted over. The primer must not form a closed film (it must not remain blank on the surface).
The primer can be applied by painting, rolling or spraying (also airless). When spraying, care should be taken to ensure that the spraying is carried out from bottom to top in order to avoid unevenly saturated partial surfaces caused by rotor formation. These runners only become visible after being painted with dispersion paint and mark themselves as grooves.

Danger/Caution: Keep out of the reach of children. Use combination filter A2/P2 for spraying work. Wood preservativesP2 for grinding work. Do not inhale spray mist. Ensure thorough ventilation during processing and drying. Avoid eating, drinking and smoking while using the paint. In case of contact with eyes or skin, rinse immediately with plenty of water. Do not allow to enter drains, water or soil. Only give completely empty containers for recycling. Dispose of liquid material residues at the collection point for old paints.


Safety data sheets can be found under Info-Download.

  • Capacity: 10 liters (is sufficient for approx. 70 m²)
  • Coverage: approx. 6 - 7 m²/litre, for one coat, depending on the condition/absorbency of the substrate
  • Application: indoor, outdoor
  • Weather resistance: must be reworked
  • Drying time: dry surface after 4 hours, reworkable after 8 hours (lower temperatures increase the drying time)
  • Characteristics: certified by RAL (Blue Angel, low-emission)solvent-free, thinnable with wasser

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