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Favorable sample shipping*

Order a sample from your favorite wallpaper - easy and comfortable. Based on the sample, you can easily check which wallpaper best matches to your interior style concerning color, texture and material. We only charge a service fee of 1.95 € per sample (+ shipping costs). 

How it works*: 

Open the product page of the wallpaper from which you want to order a wallpaper sample. Under the button "Add to Cart" you will find another button "Order sample". Clicking this button opens a pop-up window in which you can add the desired wallpaper samples directly to the cart. From there, you can either immediately switch to the cart or continue shopping.
You can order up to 5 different samples of wallpapers and borders within Germany. The delivery of the wallpaper samples in A4 / A5 size is usually mailed to your delivery address. The delivery time is noted here

If the selection "sample order" should not be displayed, the shipping of the sample is unfortunately not possible.