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    consisting of the three basic ingredients gypsum, cement and synthetic resin, a mushy mixture is created, which is called putty. Putty is suitable for closing cracks and holes or other unevenness and is therefore used extensively. A distinction is made between levelling compounds that can be run and those that are stable. The stable compound is used to repair and fill cracks, damaged areas and holes. Levelling, on the other hand, is used for smoothing and levelling over a wide area. Filling compounds are therefore used in various areas and are applied with the aid of a spatula and finally smoothed after hardening.

    There are ready-mixed products and products for self-mixing. These are mixed with water and prepared. Other differences are that the two types of masses dry differently and this can result in different surface structures. There are also synthetic resin-bound, gypsum-bound and cement-bound fillers.

    Synthetic resin-bonded fillers are known as all-rounders among the fillers. The compound can be used both indoors and outdoors and for wood, mineral substrates and metal. Synthetic resin-bonded fillers can be purchased as finished products with fine plastic particles.

    Plaster-bonded filler is the best choice for interior use. These fillers are pH-neutral and therefore suitable for all materials and no discolouration occurs during wallpapering work.

    Cement-bound levelling compound is the right choice for floors, damp rooms and outdoor areas. Because moisture does not cause any problems with this type of filler.

    Here at Orex you will find a wide range of fillers at reasonable prices!