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Baufan All-purpose putty 1 kg Fine putty fast drying

Baufan All-purpose putty 1 kg Fine putty fast drying

  • Item number: 101070Allesspachtel_1kg
  • Manufacturer: Baufan
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Baufan All-purpose putty Fine putty 1 kg Filler compound

Baufan's easy-to-apply putty is ideal for repairing and smoothing mineral substrates such as plaster, concrete, plasterboard and masonry. Wood (natural wood, chipboard, plywood boards) and similar surfaces can also be smoothed with the fine filler. After drying and sanding, they can easily be painted over. Baufan's all-purpose putty is easy to apply and immediately ready for use. It is the ideal solution for various interior renovations. Our metal putty and painter's putty provide the best results and a good putty technique.

Danger/Caution: Contains biocidal products (preservatives): Methylchloroisothiazolinone/Methylisothiazolinone(3:1), Benisothiazolinone Danger/Caution: May cause allergic reactions. 

Safety data sheets can be found under Info-Download.

  • Characteristics: Filler for repairing and smoothing mineral substrates and olz, wood, fast drying, good sandability, ready for use, easy to apply
  • Suitable substrates: Plaster, concrete, gypsum plasterboard, masonry, natural wood, chipboard, plywood boards
  • Application thickness: Up to 3 mm
  • Consumption: Per mm layer thickness approx. 1.3 kg/m²

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