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The best choice for your walls: top wall paint & varnish manufacturers at a glance

Choosing the right wall paint or varnish is crucial for the success of yourprojects. A high-quality wall paint can transform your home into an oasis of well-being, while a first-class paint provides optimum protection for wood and metal. Of course, the quality of the manufacturer also plays a decisive role. We stock paints & varnishes from quality brands and renowned manufacturers and offer you a wide range of colours and opacity to meet every need. Find out more about the leading wall paint & varnish manufacturers and how to find the right colour for your project!

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Choosing the right manufacturer for your wall paints or varnishes

The brand is a decisive factor when choosing a wall paint or varnish. Reputable manufacturers stand for quality and reliability. We offer a wide range of classic interior paints through to special glazes and plasters from the following brands:

When choosing a high-quality paint, you should consider the following aspects:

  • Opacity: A high-quality wall paint must have good opacity in order to achieve an even result with the first coat.
  • Colour tone: The colour tone should be long-lasting and resistant to fading.
  • Ingredients : Pay attention to the ingredients and favour environmentally friendly and health-friendly options.
  • Suitability for different substrates: The paint should offer good adhesion to various substrates such as wallpaper, plaster or concrete.

Tips for colour selection

  • Consider the room size and lighting conditions.
  • Choose colours that complement your furnishings and personal style.
  • Test colour samples on your walls before making a decision.

Larger rooms can tolerate darker shades better, while lighter colours can visually enlarge small rooms. Natural and artificial light also plays a role in the colour effect. It is also important to choose colours that harmonise with your furnishings and personal style. Think about the mood you want to create in the room. Colours have the power to significantly influence the atmosphere of a room - from calming and relaxing to energising and inspiring.

Why quality counts when it comes to wall paints - OREX's quality promise

All OREX products are manufactured to the highest quality standards. These include anti-mould paint, filler, special adhesives and other building materials required for interior renovation. If you have any questions about the world of wallpaper, take a look at our wallpaper guide. There you will find useful tips and tricks that will help you with your next renovation project.

If you have any questions about our products, you can use our digital contact form. Write us a message with your enquiry. Our OREX team will be happy to help you. Click through our online shop and order top wall paints from well-known brands online at now!