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    Wepos - the power of cleaning for a spotless home

    May we introduce: Wepos, the brand dedicated to cleaning and caring for your home. With its high-quality products, Wepos sets new standards in terms of cleanliness and ensures that your home shines like never before. Here we present the various speciality cleaners and care products and explain what you should look out for to make your home look like new. Discover the power of Wepos - and order your premium products quickly and cheaply in our online shop now!

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    Wepos - German professional quality that you can see

    Since its foundation in 2007, the German company, based in Kempen, has been researching and developing its products. Always focussing on the needs of its customers. As one of the few full-range suppliers of special cleaning and care products, Wepos now offers over 200 products from a single source: for household and sanitary facilities, garden and outdoor areas, tiles and stone, floor coverings and biocidal products for hygiene and against mould that require approval.

    Since its foundation, Wepos has made a name for itself as a trustworthy brand for cleaning and care products. Its many years of experience and pursuit of excellence have made it a pioneer in the cleaning industry. Wepos proudly proclaims to offer innovative solutions, such as Green Film Remover and Plastic Cleaner, that effortlessly remove even the most stubborn stains while being safe for you and the environment.

    Wepos products are not only characterised by their high level of effectiveness, but also by their environmentally friendly properties. Wepos knows how important the health of your family and the environment are to you, which is why the manufacturer uses carefully selected ingredients that are biodegradable and environmentally friendly. With Wepos you can remove stubborn dirt without having to compromise.

    Wepos Kempen: your partner for cleanliness and shine

    Why should you treat your home with Wepos cleaner and care? The German quality brand offers a revolutionary product line that has been specially developed to remove stubborn dirt. Above all, it is important that you choose a cleaner or care product that is suitable for the area of application.

    With our Wepos green film remover, you can get rid of unsightly green film in no time at all. Whether on patios, paths or facades - our green film remover works effectively and leaves surfaces sparkling clean. Say goodbye to unsightly algae, moss and lichen and restore the natural lustre of your outdoor areas.

    Wepos mould remover is the solution for a healthy home. Mould within your own four walls can not only look unsightly, but can also be harmful to your health. This is where Wepos mould remover comes into play. It not only removes visible mould, but also prevents it from reappearing. With its powerful formula, you will effectively combat mould problems and ensure a healthy and clean home.

    Whether indoors or outdoors, Wepos is your reliable partner for cleaning and care. It offers a wide range of products for different areas of application. These include, for example:

    • Bathroom cleaner
    • impregnation
    • Furniture cleaner
    • wood protection
    • Rust stain remover
    • Plastic cleaner
    • floor cleaner
    • and much more

    With Wepos, you can be sure that you are getting high-quality cleaning products that are effective and gentle. Discover the power of cleaning with Wepos and experience a home that is spotlessly clean. Buy Wepos green film remover, mould remover and special cleaners online at Orex now and let's get clean and shiny together!

    Wepos and many more - buy top brands online

    Do you want your home to shine in new splendour? And do you want this new feeling of cleanliness to last for along time? Then reach for the premium products from Wepos in our online shop.

    Are you looking for more and don't want to compromise on quality? Then take a look at our range of top brands. In addition to Wepos, the following also belong to the paints, varnishes and care products category:

    Click through our wide range of top products and order your Wepos cleaners and care products and everything else to do with DIY directly online at Orex!