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    SchimmelX - your reliable aid against mould

    SchimmelX products are the perfect aid for combating mould efficiently and preventing it permanently. They offer a wide range of products for this purpose such as remover sprays or anti-mould paints. You can find some of their handy products in our shop.

    You discovered mould in your home?

    Once you discover mould anywhere in your home you probably want to remove it as soon as possible as well as prevent it permanently. SchimmelX products support you in this matter and remove as well as protect your home from mould. However, removing mould has to be done thoroughly.

    1. Step: Remove current mould

    At first the already existing mould must be removed thoroughly. By using SchimmelX and removing the residue carefully, instead of brushing the mould off, you can prevent it from spreading further.

    2. Step: Prep the surface

    Missing insulation in the basement, leaking roofs or faulty facades are frequent reasons for problems with mould. After the mould was thoroughly removed you need to paint on an insulating barrier in order to prevent moisture from spreading on the surface again.

    3. Step: Prevention of new mould

    You can easily impregnate the areas with a high risk of mould growth by spraying on SchimmelX. This is possible for every wall, wallpaper but also on the back of closets and furniture. If you are repainting your walls you may ideally use SchimmelX's anti-mould paint as a coating.