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    Baufan - quality products from Germany 

    From fine filler to anti-mould paint, from special adhesive to lime putty, from wood putty to paint stripper: Baufan not only has almost everything you need in terms of materials andaidsforrenovating and building, but always offers its products to the highest standards. This is because the company from Germany focuses on top quality and the best application. The products are constantly being developed so that Baufan has become a sought-after specialist. Learn more about the Baufan brand and discover a large selection of Baufan products on Orex! 

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    Baufan - one of the leading suppliers of construction and sanitary products 

    Baufan is a German company specializing in the production of accessories and components for the construction and renovation of buildings. Since its foundation in 1992, Baufan has developed into a leading supplier.  

    Baufan stands for first-class goods from its production facility in Leipzig, manufactured to German standards. In this way, the company maintains jobs in Germany and appreciates German values in production. 

    Baufan manufactures a wide range of construction and sanitary products. There are over 200 items in total. These include anti-mould paint, filler, special adhesives and other building materials. All products are manufactured to the highest quality standards and come with a guarantee.  

    At Orex, we only want to offer you quality products that meet your requirements and those of your project. Discover our range of Baufan and other top brands in our online store now! 

    Baufan - why should I choose these products? 

    We cannot emphasize this enough: When it comes to products such as paints, fillers, adhesives and many more, quality plays a crucial role. That's why it's best to use top brands like Baufan, which have proven themselves over the decades and meet the highest standards.  

    If you choose the Baufan brand, you will also benefit from the following advantages

    • large selection of building materials 
    • easy processing and simple application 
    • Specialized products precisely tailored to your projects 
    • Continuous further development of the products 
    • protection of the environment, as the production site in Germany keeps delivery routes short 

    Enjoy these and many other features of Baufan and other branded products. Browse through our range, put together your complete renovation kit and order everything easily online at! 

    Baufan, Hammerite, Belton, Vectra and many more - the Orex online store has them all 

    Especially when it comes to building and renovating, you shouldn't go for cheap products. In the end, the consumer usually pays for it, as poor quality wall paints, for example, do not provide sufficient coverage and you have to apply paint several times. 

    To achieve the best results, it pays to use the best products. Our top brands in our wall paints & varnishes category include Baufan: 

    See the selection and quality for yourself, choose the right one for your project and order your renovation kit directly online at!