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    Pufas - the painter's brand with quality 

    Are you ready for high-quality products from paint to primers and cleaners? At Orex, you'll find a large selection of Pufas products to make your renovation projects a success. From filler to wallpaper strippers - we have everything you need. With Pufas, you get quality you can rely on. Our products offer easy application, excellent adhesion and professional results. Whether you're carrying out small repairs or completely remodelling a room, Pufas has the perfect solutions for you. 

    Immerse yourself in the world of Pufas and make your projects a success! 

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    What products are available from Pufas?

    Discover the diversity of Pufas at Orex. From high-quality putties to high-quality paints and wallpapers, Pufas offers an extensive range for your renovation projects and creative endeavours. Here are some of the most popular items

    • The filling products are characterised by their high quality and ease of use. Whether you want to level out small uneven areas or smooth larger surfaces, Pufas has the right levelling compound for the perfect substrate.  
    • With the right primers and adhesives from Pufas, you can ensure that your wallpaper will hold perfectly and look beautiful for a long time. 

    Pufas has a wide range of high-quality painting accessories for all kinds of projects. 

    Convince yourself of the painting products from the Pufas brand! 

    Why buy Pufas products? 

    Pufas stands for quality, reliability and innovation. Find out why this brand is the perfect choice for your projects: 

    • The products are characterised by their ease of application
    • Pufas products guarantee excellent adhesion to various substrates. 
    • With Pufas you can achieve professionalresults, whether you are an experienced DIY enthusiast or a professional painter. The high-quality materials and careful development ensure a first-class end result that you can be proud of. 

    These are just some of the many reasons to choose Pufas. Whether you need putties, primers, cleaners or paints - you'll find them at Orex. 

    Browse the various painting products from Purfas now and discover your advantages! 

    Your favourite projects with Pufas and Orex 

    Overall, Pufas offers a combination of high quality, easy application and professional results. Whether you are renovating your home or realising a creative project - with Pufas you are well equipped. Take a look at our extensive range and discover the variety of these and other brands. At Orex, we pride ourselves on offering you the best products for your projects. Whether putty, cleaner or wood protection

    Enjoy numerous benefits with your order, including 

    Live out your creativity with DIY projects and other endeavours. 

    Buy inexpensive painting products from Pufas for unique results!