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    Vectra - the art of surface design that inspires

    Welcome to the fascinating world of Vectra - a brand that stands for excellent surfacesolutions. When it comes to paint, floor sealants, liquid plastic and the like, Vectra is the undisputed expert. The top brand offers innovative products that transform your home into a true oasis of well-being. Immerse yourself in the world of variety with us and find out how you can make your rooms shine with Vectra. Click through our wide range and order your Vectra paint and more online at Orex!

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    Vectra colour & more - quality with a long tradition

    Vectra has a long tradition of developing high-quality surface solutions. Since its foundation more than 30 years ago, the manufacturer has made it its mission to create products that meet the highest quality standards. Vectra's commitment to innovation and excellence has made the company a trusted name in the industry.

    Another great thing about the Vectra brand is that it offers a wide range of different products. These include:

    • Floor sealant
    • Silicate interior paint and wall paint
    • Liquid plastic
    • Primer
    • Garage floor coating
    • and much more

     High quality, easy application and durability are common to all products. Discover your options now and buy your Vectra colours and more quickly and easily in our online shop!

    What sets Vectra apart from other brands?

    With Vectra, you experience the freedom of design and the certainty that you are getting the best quality products. The manufacturer prides itself on the aesthetic appeal of its products - you'll be amazed by the luminosity and brilliance of the colours, paints and coatings that give your surfaces a luxurious sheen.

    Vectra colours and other Vectra products are not only of exceptional quality, but also of outstanding versatility. We understand that every room is unique and deserves a personalised treatment. You benefit from these advantages when you buy Vectra products:

    • high opacity
    • huge selection of colours
    • easy handling and application
    • versatile, i.e. suitable for different substrates
    • attractive appearance
    • High resistance to wear, stains and chemicals

    What are you waiting for? Immerse yourself in the world of Vectra and experience the excitement of surface design. Buy Vectra products now at and let's create spaces together that impress and inspire!

    Vectra, Baufan, Hammerite, Belton and many more - the Orex online shop always offers you the highest quality

    Whether floor, wall or garage: Vectra has the right product for every need and every situation. The top brand guarantees top results for all surfaces. If you are looking for other high-quality products, simply click through our list of brands, as you will only find top-quality paints and building materials in our online shop. This is how we guarantee our customers the best results for their home.

    Our premium brands in the wall paints & varnishes category include Vectra:

    Convince yourself of the large selection and unsurpassable quality, choose the right one for your project and order your Vectra paint and much more directly online at Orex!