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    Dr. Schutz cleaners and care products - for quality and durability  

    If anyone has to withstand anything, it's the floor we walk on. Whether parquet, cork, tiles or other surfaces, they are all subject to heavy wear and tear and yet we don't want them to look dirty or scratched. There is a simple and efficient solution for this: Dr Schutz cleaning products and care kits. You can use them to combat any dirt and make any floor shine like new. We stock the best quality cleaning and care products in our online shop. Browse through our range now and buy your Dr. Schutz products easily at Orex! 

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    Dr Schutz - the name says it all 

    Preserving value is the goal that Dr Schutz has set itself. Above all, this involves the care and maintenance of floors and Dr Schutz produces a range of speciality products for this purpose. In its own laboratories and research centres, the German company based in Bonn is constantly developing new formulations and testing its own products for their effectiveness and compatibility

    The manufacturer works closely with flooring producers, as this is the only way Dr Schutz can ensure that its care products and cleaners are optimally matched to the respective surface. If you use the wrong product, discolouration and damage can occur. Therefore, always pay attention to the area of application. The top cleaners and care products from Dr Schutz include 

    • PU cleaner, also known as design floor cleaner
    • Parquet and cork shine
    • Construction floor cleaner (basic cleaner)
    • Refresher sets for designer floors 
    • and many more

    In our online shop you will find a wide range of floor cleaners and care products for floors - from Dr Schutz and other top brands. Discover the right product now to keep your home beautiful and order easily online at Orex! 

    Dr Schutz care and cleaning products - why does every floor need its own product?

    Depending on the material, a floor reacts differently to certain substances. Floors such as parquet and cork in particular can react sensitively to strong chemical products. Once damage has occurred, it is almost impossible to repair. That's why we advise you to choose the right floor cleaner and maintenance kitfor your floor right away. 

    If you would like to cleanand maintain other areas, we offer many more products in our cleaning and disinfectant department, for example for outdoor areas or furniture. Are you struggling with mould on the walls? Orex has effective mould removers and anti-mould paint for this. You can benefit from the following advantages in our online shop:  

    • Largeselection of cleaning agents, special products and mould blockers 
    • Effective cleaners for the best results 
    • Gentle on the surface 
    • Simple and targeted application 
    • Specialised products for special surfaces 
    • unbeatable price-performance ratio 

    Browse through our range, put together your complete care and renovation kit and order everything online at Orex! 

    Dr Schutz and many more - buy top brands online 

    Especially when it comes to cleaning, you should use high-quality products: To achieve the best results, you need the best paints, varnishes and care products. Our quality brands include Dr Schutz: 

    Click through our range of top products and order your Dr Schutz cleaners and care products and everything else to do with DIY directly online at Orex!