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    Disinfectants & cleaning agents - let your home shine  

    Everyone knows it: cleaning and scrubbing can be tedious, but the effect afterwards is clearly noticeable - every room looks like new and radiates an intense feel-good ambience. But what is the best way to clean and what types of cleaning agents are available? When does it make sense to use disinfectants? We have the answers and a diverse range of disinfectants and cleaning agents - suitable for every area of application. Discover our large selection and many brands and order quickly and cheaply online at!  

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    Professional disinfectants & cleaning agents - radiant effect  

    Stubborn dirt, discolouration, germs - all of these affect our feel-good ambience at home. Pathogens such as bacteria, viruses and fungi are particularly unpleasant because they are harmful to our health. Fortunately, the solution to this problem is quite simple: with a professional cleaning agent or disinfectant, you can ensure perfect hygiene and cleanliness in all rooms

    • Floor cleaners clean and sterilise floors; there are also special types for different floors such as parquet, laminate or PVC. 
    • Furniture cleaners are suitable for tables, cupboards and more and also act as a care product. 
    • Basic cleaners are particularly powerful products for floors (linoleum, vinyl, PVC, CV and natural and artificial stone). 
    • Hygiene spray is mainly used in the bathroom to kill germs. 
    • Surface cleaners can be used for floors, stairs and doors. 
    • Hand sanitiser in a practical dispenser protects you from bacteria and viruses. 
    • Specialist cleaners such as genuine leather cleaner and oven cleaner are made for special surfaces. 

    Our cleaning agents for outdoor areas include the following: 

    • WPC + BPC cleaner concentrate is suitable for decking boards, fence profiles, window sills and the like made of special plastic. 
    • Rust stain remover removes rust from tiles and stones. 
    • Green film remover removes algae, mould and green film from mineral surfaces such as stone, tiles, ceramics, concrete and similar. 

    We also have effective cleaners for motorhomes and boats. Browse our range now and order your cleaning agent at today! 

    Cleaning agents and disinfectants - what should I look out for? 

    To make your home and garden shine in new splendour, you should consider a few aspects. Firstly, choose the right cleaner according to the application requirements. Wear rubber gloves and ensure sufficient ventilation indoors. Apply sufficient cleaning agent to the surface and leave it to work for a few minutes if necessary. Remove all excess material after cleaning. 

    You can find the right product for every situation in our online shop. Are you struggling with mould on the walls, for example? Orex has the solution for this too: you can stop any infestation with mould remover. It is available as a practical spray, as an anti-mould concentrate and as a filler with mould blocker. 

    With the right wall paints and varnishes, you can protect your home from further mould and germ infestation. In the wood paint and wood protection category, for example, you will find products that protect wooden surfaces, especially outdoors, from mould, weathering and parasite infestation. 

    Buy cleaning agents, floor cleaners and more - special help for every need  

    Create your own feel-good ambience for your home with professional cleaners and disinfectants from our range. Discover many more products from our online shop and benefit from the following advantages: 

    • Extensive range with all renovation aids, painting supplies and cleaning products 
    • Only quality products 
    • Fast and secure delivery 
    • Reliable support via our contact form 
    • Further information in our FAQ & help section 

    Order your effective cleaner and much more at today and clean like a pro!