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    Facade paint for a radiant new house

    Who does not know it: The house facade is dirty and porous from inconsistent weather. Rain, wind, snow and even the sun have badly damaged the exterior wall, the paint has faded and is slightly discoloured. These natural stresses caused by the weather damage your house and your garage - but with our facade paint you can give them a new shine!Don't be intimidated by newly built, chic houses in the new development area. Your house will also look like new again with the highly covering façade paint of the Wilckens brand. The high-quality dispersion paint also gives the interior, on masonry, plaster and concrete surfaces and fibre cement panels, a radiant white look again. You can find more colours for interior walls under Wall Colours & Dispersions.

    Your advantages with Wilckens paintYou want to give your facade a fresh coat of paint without much effort? With our facade paint this is no longer a problem!The highly covering synthetic dispersion paint dries very quickly after application and is particularly easy to apply. You will find the right brushes and tools for painting in our category Painting accessories & tools. Furthermore the special paint is characterized by its good weather resistance. No matter whether pouring rain, icy snow or bright sunshine, the hard-wearing facade paint withstands any weather. In addition, it is easy to clean if moss should form or other soiling occur, and it is also capable of water vapour diffusion.Wilckens façade paint offers a high covering power and puts a permanently resistant layer of paint on the wall. Since it can be easily cleaned up again if necessary, your house will impress all your neighbours with its immaculate exterior façade in the future!

    Tips for painting your façadeAs already mentioned, painting with Wilckens facade paint is very easy. However, there are still some things to consider, especially with regard to the surface preparation. Before you apply the paint to the wall, it should be cleaned, dry and free of any grease. The last loose remnants of the old paint must be removed beforehand. Washed surfaces and new concrete or plaster surfaces can best be consolidated or primed with the deep primer without solvents.After you have prepared the substrate accordingly, the wall should be prepainted once when applying the coating to plaster and concrete, whether indoors or outdoors. For this purpose, the paint must be diluted with 5 - 10 % water. Then apply 1 - 2 top coats of undiluted facade paint, depending on the substrate. When painting on an old coat of paint or renovation coat, the wall does not have to be primed with the diluted paint before the actual painting.The yield per litre of paint is 6 sqm per coat, but the absorbency of the substrate must be taken into account.You will find more practical and useful tips for working with Wilckens facade paint on the front of the packaging when the paint is delivered to your home in a few days. So nothing stands in the way of a fresh and shiny new façade.

    Order facade paint online at OrexIn our online shop you will find the reliable dispersion paint for your facade in different sizes. Depending on your needs you can choose between a 2.5 l bucket, 5 l bucket or 10 l bucket.All three units are also available in our practical paint set! This way you are not only equipped with the high-quality facade paint, but also with a Einfach Schöner paint roller and a practical scraper grid.Order the right amount of Wilckens Façade Paint today and give your house a new coat of paint that won't be damaged by the weather!