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Decorator Set + Dispersion Facade Painting White 5l Wilckens
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Decorator Set + Dispersion Facade Painting White 5l Wilckens

  • Item number: 13391000090-Set
  • Manufacturer: Wilckens Farben
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Decorator Set + Dispersion Facade Painting White 5l Wilckens

This paint is especially made for facades and perfectly suited for outdoor as well as indoor use. Because of that, Wilckens dispersion paint is the right choice for your upcoming renovation project at home. Due to the products excellent material properties, your walls are more hardwearing and weather resistant. Moreover, the facade paint by Wilckens has a high opacity and has a simple processability. Useful and practical processing tips can be found on the front of the packaging.

The decorator set contains sleeve decorator, that is suited for both, indoor and outdoor use. Furthermore, the sleeve decorator has a high absortive capacity and provide a consistend colour distribution. The plastic roller grid is perfectly suited to strip off surplus paints from rollers and brushes.

Application technology: Read label before use! The substrate must be clean, dry, grease-free and load-bearing. Loose paint parts and chalking old coats must be removed and washed off substrates must be solidified with a Deep Primer without solvents. New plaster or concrete substrates must also be primed with a solvent-free Deep Primer.

1. Paint build-up on plaster and concrete, inside and outside
    a) Prepare the substrate accordingly
    b) Prime or solidify critical substrates accordingly
    c) 1 x precoat with 5 - 10 % water diluted
    d) 1 - 2 top coats undiluted

2. Paint build-up on old paint coats or renovation paint coats
    a) Substrate correspond to the preparatory work
    b) Prime or solidify critical substrates accordingly
    c) 1 -2 top coats undiluted

Danger/Caution: May cause allergic reactions. Advice for isothiazolinone allergy sufferers on tel. no.: 04124/606-188. 


Safety data sheets can be found under Info-Download.

  • Colouration: white
  • Capacity: 5 liters (is sufficient for approx. 30 m² by one coating, accoarding to ground)
  • Coverage: approx. 6 m²/litre with one coat, depending on the absorbency of the substrate
  • Application: indoor, outdoor
  • Characteristics: weather resistant, washability (class 2 according to EN 13300), hiding power (contrast ratio) class 2

Capacity by one coating, depends on prepainting:

  • 2,5 litre is sufficient for approx 15 m²
  • 5 litre is sufficient for approx 30 m²
  • 10 litre is sufficient for approx 60 m²

Painting Set

  • 1x Einfach Schöner paint roller sleeve decorator 25 cm
  • 1x paint roller grid 26x28 cm 

Suitable accessories

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