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Silicone Mastic Caulk Applicator Caulking Gun Cartridge
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Silicone Mastic Caulk Applicator Caulking Gun Cartridge

  • Item number: 94108010
  • Manufacturer: HOMEFACTO:RI Tools
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Silicone Mastic Caulk Applicator Caulking Gun Cartridge | DIY Decorating Tool

This fully galvanized caulking gun is the ideal tool when it comes to sealing materials, e.g. Silicone or adhesives, simply and cleanly distributed by means of controlled pressure release on surfaces or in joints. The caulking gun is equipped with a serrated push rod, an integrated tip cutter and a hardened rack.

  • Product type: Caulking Gun / Cartridge Applicator Gun
  • Application: suited for acryl and silicone catridges
  • Material: metal
  • Size: suited for 310 ml cartridges
  • Characteristics: toothed push rod, fully galvanized, handy and very stable half-shell press, with hardened rack and movable mandrel, has an integrated top cutter, semi-open, robust design, suitable for cartridges of 50 to 235mm length and 47mm diameter
  • Distinctions: new and original packaging, brand product