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    Wood Paint & Wood Stain

    The unsettled weather has taken its toll on your terrace made of high-quality teak wood? Your wooden furniture outside is already grey and maybe even infested with mould?What can you do about it? Simply order our reliable wood care products here in our online shop! The versatile varnishes, paints and oils of the Wilckens brand offer not only long-lasting protection against wind and weather, but also exciting colour design possibilities. Your old-looking brown garden house should shine in modern Swedish red? No problem! Just as well you can refresh the existing colour of all hard and soft woods in the exterior with a deeply penetrating glaze and emphasize the natural grain of the wood.The nature of your project determines the choice of the right product. To make it easier for you, we will explain how to achieve the best results with colours and glazes.

    Wood colour, wood glaze or oil - what is the right product for me?

    Would you like to paint the wooden object in a completely new, opaque colour or simply highlight and protect the existing wood structure?In the former case, we recommend our silky gloss weather protection paint, which is ideal for repainting and renovating wooden houses and wood panelling. The wood paint creates a closed layer on the wood and provides a smooth surface, through which the structure and grain of the wood is almost invisible.Whether in grey, green, white, chocolate brown, dove blue or Swedish red - with Wilckens wood paint you can not only give wooden objects an individual colour. Gutters, zinc sheets or plaster and plastics (e.g. rigid PVC) can also be painted with the weather-resistant paint. Shingles, half-timbered houses, folding shutters, pergolas, as well as fences can also be embellished with the water-thinnable protective paint. You will find more colours that can be used for your walls indoors in the category Wall paints & dispersions.If you want to preserve the natural grain of the wood, it is best to use a thin glaze. This provides protection against external wear and tear. This can prevent moisture penetration, damage from UV rays and wood-destroying fungi. If you use a woodstain, however, there is a regular need to renew it: it should be refreshed every year if it is not a permanent protective glaze.From our online shop we recommend the weather-resistant and moisture-regulating wood glaze from Wilckens. It prevents mould and mildew and is very light-resistant. The varnish is suitable for the entire outdoor area; for all hardwoods and softwoods, native and tropical wood species, it offers reliable protection against all weather conditions. To accentuate the wood structure even better, you can choose from the seven available silky shine colours to match your wood elements: With pine, mahogany, walnut, oak, teak and rosewood, a large proportion of the wood used for decking and furniture is covered. In addition, you can also get the glaze colourless, as well as in the respective sizes 750 ml, 2.5 l and 5 l. This way your wooden furniture, the garden house or the carport are ideally protected against weather conditions and the wood grain is emphasized tangibly and visibly.Another environmentally friendly and gentle alternative for treating wood outside in the garden, on the veranda or balcony is oil. Similar to glaze, the natural wood structure is not completely covered, but with colourless oil the original colour tone is more emphasized.From our range of products, the Terrace Oil is of particular interest to you. It serves as a reliable protection against greying and decay, against drying out and cracking and against moisture and sunlight. It is suitable for use on various terrace woods, such as Douglas fir, spruce, larch, teak, Bangkirai, Massaranduba and many others. Our offered colours Douglas fir, Bangkirai and Teak are even mixable with each other and still offer a high UV protection and water repellent properties. Your terrace will not only be optically revalued, but the processed hard or soft woods will be protected and well conserved, resulting in a longer life span.

    Pre-treat wood protection, apply and let it dry

    You have decided which of the different wood care products you want to use for your floor, fence or outdoor furniture? Then it is time to paint and decorate!Before you start, however, the question arises as to whether and how you need to pre-treat the surface. That depends on the condition of the wood. For each application it should be clean, dry and free of oil and grease. Loose coats of paint should be removed or sanded down. To prepare the wood to be treated perfectly, impregnation with our Wilckens wood primer is advisable. The wood preservative prevents fungal and blue stain attack, as well as rot and algae formation, and penetrates the wood completely and colourlessly. As the processing of the respective products differs even further, you should read our product details and instructions carefully once again. You will also find these on the packaging of the wood protection products.Furthermore, you should also read the yield of the respective tins to make sure that they are sufficient for your painting. Information on the structure of the coating can also be found in the individual product descriptions. If you still need brushes and other materials and painting or varnishing of the woods, you can order these directly in the category Painting accessories & tools!You should also consider the drying time after your painting, which can be prolonged by low temperatures and higher humidity.All this sounds more elaborate than it actually is: in no time at all you will have transformed your terrace into a wonderful oasis of peace and quiet again and your garden fence and shed will shine in new splendour and impress your neighbours and friends.

    Protection from wind and weather with Wilckens wood care products

    Whether glaze, paint or oil - your outdoor woods deserve good treatment and regular care! Our versatile wood protection products provide a beautiful and new-looking appearance and long-lasting protection against UV rays and precipitation. The versatile paints and varnishes protect your wood from unpopular external influences and ensure a longer life.At OREX you will find in this category a large selection of products for wood design for various applications and in different colours. Whether for your garage, patio floor, furniture, fences, summer house or carport, with our reliable wood protection paints and wood protection varnishes the surface will get a healthy and well-groomed look again and at the same time be robust enough to survive all seasons without any problems.