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    Buy anti-mould paints & mould removers from OREX 

    Many households are affected by mould. It can appear unexpectedly and not only looks unattractive, but can also have a harmful effect on your health and that of your family or flatmates. To help you reliably remove mould from your walls and ceilings, OREX offers a large selection of high-quality anti-mould paints and mould removers that are both effective as preventative measures and suitable for curative use. Click through our selection and find the products you need to combat mould in your home. Buy mould remover and anti-mould paint from OREX now! 

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    What do I need to consider when removing mould? 

    Mould on your walls not only damages the appearance of your walls but also your health. If you are affected by mould on your walls, you should not hesitate and remove the mould as quickly as possible.  

    Chemical or biological biocides are best suited for this purpose. The best way to combat mould on walls is with a fungicide, which reliably kills both the mould itself and its spores. Mould removers are available in different varieties. Concentrates to mix yourself or ready-made mixtures in spray bottles are common.  

    If you don't have mould infestation but want to prevent it, for example because the brickwork in your home is susceptible to damp, you can use anti-mould paint.

    How do I remove mould from the wall? 

    Mould removers are applied to the mould-infested surface with a brush or directly from a spray bottle to effectively combat mould infestation. This type of product can be used on wallpaper and tiles in particular. Anti-mould paints are basically no different from conventional emulsion, mineral or lime paints. However, fungicidal preservatives are added to the anti-mould products, which are usually biocides such as fungicides. These are released from the paint onto the painted surface. This reliably prevents the accumulation of fungi and spores.  

    The anti-mould products from OREX 

    At OREX you will find a large selection of anti-mould products from well-known manufacturers such as Pufas, Baufan and Wepos. Browse through our variety and discover:

    • Anti-mould sprays
    • Anti-mould concentrates
    • Anti-mould paints
    • Many other products against mould infestation

    Buy anti-mould paints & mould removers and benefit 

    As part of the OREX community, you benefit not only from a wide range of different renovation accessories, such as paints and varnishes, wall paints and fillers, but also from first-class customer support: In our FAQ & Help section you will find many answers to frequently asked questions. If you have specific questions about our products or your order process, you can send us a message using our digital contact form. We will check your enquiry as quickly as possible and get back to you.  

    You can also look forward to 

    • fast shipping within Germany and 
    • various payment options, such as payment via PayPal or direct debit. 

    Choose OREX now and order anti-mould paints and mould removers from our online shop!