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    Wall paints and emulsions - the best colours for your home 

    Paint yourself or hire a painter? Our tip is to paint yourself, because it has many advantages: Anyone can do it, it's many times cheaper and you can live out your own creativity. With our wall paints and emulsions, you can not only improve unsightly areas, you can also create unique designs and colours and design the room exactly how you want it. Discover our wide range of top colours now - from radiant polar white to apple green and soft caramel. If you are looking for special colours, we have what you need - from facades to anti-mould paint. We have everything the hobby craftsman's heart desires. Order quality wall paints and emulsions and order your set directly online at! 

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    Wall paints and emulsions - ready to paint or mix your own with tinting paint? 

    One of the most important decisions you need to make when choosing a wall paint is whether you want to buy ready-mixed paint or white paint plus tinting paint (also known as solid and mixed paint). Pre-mixed paint has the following advantages: 

    • The pre-mixed solution can be applied immediately
    • It is generally easy to use. 
    • It requires no preparation time.  
    • You can immediately see which colour you want and can always buy this shade again. 

    With tinting paint, you mix the colour yourself using a white paint as a base. Only mix as much colour as you need, with a small amount in reserve. You can benefit from the following advantages: 

    • The white colour that you don't need is kept for other projects
    • Tinting colours come in a wide range of shades. 
    • Tinting colours are particularly inexpensive
    • You can mix your very own colour shade by dosing and design your rooms in a unique way.  

    Click through our range of wall paints, emulsions and solid colours and discover the product that suits you and your project - and order directly and easily at Orex! 

    Using wall paints and emulsions directly - what you should look out for 

    Are you planning your own home improvement and redecoration project? No problem, painting is easy and anyone can do it. Just follow a few basic rules and you're ready to go. 

    • Firstly, you should make sure that the surface is clean and even before applying the paint. Level out any unevenness, for example with filling compound.  
    • Have the right tools ready for application, such as a brush, roller, paint tray and others
    • Protect the floor and furniture with appropriate materials such as fleece and tarpaulins.  
    • Ensure good ventilation during painting. 
    • Make sure you stir the paint well before use to improve the colour quality. 
    • Do not use too much paint when applying. Slowly work your way up to the quantity and brush off the excess with a colour grid. 
    • Paint in overlapping strokes from one side to the other. 

    Let the paint dry well and then, at the end of your work, you can look at your work and enjoy the effect of the new room feeling. Buy your wall paint and emulsion in our online shop and start your project! 

    Wall paints, repair aids and accessories - nothing should be missing 

    Orex has much more to offer than wall paints and emulsions for interiors. For example, if you need special anti-mould paints, we have mould removers and anti-mould paints. For wood, especially outdoors, there is a wide range of wood preservatives and wood paints in our online shop. We also offer facade paints, varnishes and lacquers and cleaning products. You'll find everything you need for your DIY ideas and projects here

    Order your wall paints and renovation kits from the OREX online shop now!