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    Painter's fleece, tarpaulins, adhesive tape and more from Orex

    Painter's fleece is a material that is often used for renovation and painting work. Its purpose is to protect surfaces from paint splashes, dirt and other contaminants. It is often applied to walls, ceilings and floors to protect them during painting or wallpapering. The fleece absorbs paint and other liquids, prevents paint from seeping through and enables even colour distribution. At Orex, you will find a large selection of high-quality fleece and other masking materials. Discover them now!

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    Painter's fleece for solid protection against dirt

    Are you looking for a professional masking material? Then high-quality painter's fleece could be something for you. Painter's fleece offers various advantages for renovation and painting work:

    • Surface protection: painter's fleece protects walls, ceilings and floors from paint splashes, dirt and other contaminants. It prevents paint or other liquids from penetrating into the underlying material during painting and wallpapering, making it easier to clean after the work.
    • Even colour distribution: The smooth surface of the painter's fleece allows the paint to be applied evenly. It ensures that paint rollers or brushes do not stick to uneven surfaces or cause splashes. This results in a smoother finish.
    • Covering cracks and imperfections: Painter's fleece can help to cover small cracks, holes or imperfections in the surface. This creates a smoother base to which paint or wallpaper can adhere better.
    • Easy application and removal: The fleece is easy to apply. It can be laid or glued to walls, ceilings or floors. After renovation work, it can be easily removed and disposed of without leaving any residue.
    • Time saving: Painter's fleece can speed up the renovation process by making it easier to cover and protect surfaces. It reduces the time needed to clean paint splashes or repair damaged surfaces.

    In some cases, fleece can also be reused, provided it is properly cleaned and maintained. This can reduce costs for future projects. See for yourself and try out the versatile masking fleece from our online shop. Order high-quality painter's fleece from Orex now!

    Versatile masking material - exclusively from Orex

    Discover our wide range of clever masking materials in our product range. Among other things, we have for you:

    • Tarpaulin sets
    • Masking fleece
    • painter's tape
    • Double-sided adhesive tape
    • masking film
    • and much more.

    Browse our online shop for suitable products for securely covering surfaces. Buy practical renovation fleece, double-sided adhesive tape, masking film & co. for clean wallpapering at Orex now!

    Shop smart and enjoy exclusive service benefits - with Orex

    Want tips on filling, painting, varnishing or wallpapering? Then discover our comprehensive online guide with great tips for painters and DIY enthusiasts. Of course, you can also come to us with your questions. Our customer service team will provide you with professional and expert advice on suitable tools and other painting utensils. Simply send us a message using the contact form. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

    In addition to a helpful online guide and top customer support, we also offer you:

    • a low-cost wallpaper sample dispatch service
    • fast and free shipping of your wallpaper order within Germany.

    Convinced? Then cover your painting needs with professional products from Orex. Find painting fleece, adhesive tape, tarpaulins and more in our online shop now!