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    Adhesives and sealants - safe and durable

    Professional adhesives are indispensable for many painting jobs in order to join materials professionally. Whether it's wood, plastic, metal or polystyrene - choosing the right adhesive is crucial. A high-quality wood putty is an excellent choice for wood repairs. It allows for seamless repair of cracks and holes. For projects that require high strength, a high-performance construction adhesive is the right solution. It ensures a strong bond between materials such as wood, metal or plastic. At Orex you will find a wide range of efficient adhesives and fillers for precise results. Discover them now!

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    The best hold - with adhesives from Orex

    Want to find the right adhesive for your DIY project? No problem. Orex has numerous adhesives ready for you. These include, for example:

    • Wood putty: Wood putty is a special adhesive or filler that is used to repair wooden surfaces. It is used to repair or level out cracks, holes, dents or other damage in wood. The wood filler consists of a mixture of wood shavings or flour and a binding agent such as glue or resin.
    • Adhesive for polystyrene: When working with polystyrene, painters need special adhesives that do not damage the material. Styrofoam adhesive is specially formulated to ensure secure and long-lasting adhesion of Styrofoam to various surfaces. It is ideal for the installation of decorative elements, insulation boards or modelling work.
    • Flooring adhesive: When installing floor coverings such as carpet, vinyl or laminate, painters need an adhesive that creates a strong bond between the floor and the covering. Floor covering adhesive provides strong adhesion to various substrates and ensures a durable and secure installation of the floor covering.

    In addition to wood putty, adhesives for polystyrene and flooring adhesives, wall and glass fibre adhesives are also frequently used. Installation tapes are also often used to fix floor coverings in place.

    Discover our large selection of durable and long-lasting adhesives. Order wood putty, adhesive tapes, assembly adhesives and more for professional bonding of materials from Orex now!

    High-quality sealants for professional DIY enthusiasts

    Sealants are used to seal joints, gaps and cracks and to create a watertight, airtight or dustproof connection. They are an important component in various applications, both indoors and outdoors.

    At Orex you will find a whole range of professional sealants. These include, for example

    • Joint sealants: When painting, sealing joints is an important step in achieving a smooth and professional finish. Joint sealants such as acrylic joint sealant help to seal cracks, joints and seams, preventing the ingress of moisture or dust. Acrylic sealants are a popular choice as they are flexible, durable and easy to apply. They are available in a range of colours to blend seamlessly with the surrounding surface.
    • Levelling and filling compounds: Levelling and filling compounds are used to level out and repair unevenness, cracks or holes in walls or ceilings. These products create a smooth surface.

    Different products are selected depending on the application and the specific requirements of the project. Buy effective sealants, levelling compounds and more for clean painting work at Orex now!

    Enjoy great performance - with Orex

    Do you need the right tools for filling, painting, wallpapering or bonding materials? We cover your painting needs for brushes, paints, mounting adhesives and more and also offer you the best service.

    At Orex, you benefit from excellent advantages around your order, such as

    • free shipping (within Germany) for wallpapers,
    • favourable wallpaper sample shipping
    • an online guide with tips and tricks for DIY enthusiasts.

    If you have any questions, please contact our competent customer service team. Simply send us a message using our contact form. Find adhesives, sealants and more in our online shop now!