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Baufan Latex-Binder 750 ml satin gloss coating

Baufan Latex-Binder 750 ml satin gloss coating

  • Item number: 100103
  • Manufacturer: Baufan
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Baufan Latex-Binder 750 ml for sealing wallpapers

The Latex binder by Baufan is highly concentrated, solvent-free and water-dilutable synthetic resin dispersion, wich results a transparent, satin gloss and abrasion-resistant coating after drying. In addition, the adhesive and smudge resistance of lime and glue paints, as well as wallpaper glue can be improved with the latex binder.

Sealing   from 150 ml/m² Glue addition   ca. 750 ml/4 liter Glue paint addition   ca. 1 liter/10 liter paint
Danger/Caution: Contains biocidal products (preservatives): Methylchloroisothiazolinone/Methylisothiazolinone (3:1), Benzisothiazolinone Danger/Caution: May cause allergic reactions. 
Safety data sheets can be found under Info-Download.


  • Water-thinnable synthetic resin dispersion for sealing wallpapers 
  • Achieves transparent, satin-gloss and abrasion-resistant coating
  • Milk cloudy, drip-inhibited, solvent-free
  • Improves the adhesion and smudge resistance of lime and glue paints and wallpaper glue
  • Consumption: from 150ml/m² for seals ca. 750 ml/ 4 liter glue as glue addition or 1 liter/10 liter paint as paint addition

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