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    Buy filling accessories from Orex

    Filling is a method that is used in many areas, for example in construction, handicrafts and painting. It involves applying a special filler to a surface to smooth it, repair damaged areas, seal or prepare it. At Orex, you will find a wide range of products for filling. Convince yourself of the quality of our products and discover our colorful range of painting utensils. Buy high-quality spatulas, putty, trowels and more in our online store now!

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    Professional filling - with filling accessories from Orex

    Filling is a technique in which a filler is applied to surfaces to even out unevenness, repair cracks or create a smooth surface. There are various areas of application for filling at home:

    • Puttying walls: To renovate or prepare a wall, putty can be used to smooth out irregularities such as dents, scratches or holes. To do this, the filler is applied to the affected areas with a spatula, smoothed out and then dried. Once dry, the filled surface can be sanded and painted.
    • Filling ceilings: Similar to wall filling, ceilings can also be repaired or smoothed with filler. Ceiling joints or nail holes are often filled to achieve an even surface. Here too, the filler is applied, smoothed, dried, sanded and painted if necessary.
    • Filling wood: When renovating wooden surfaces such as furniture or floors, filler can be used to even out scratches, holes or unevenness. Once the filler has been applied and dried, the wood can be sanded, stained or varnished.

    At Orex, you will find a largeselection of professional tools for filling walls, ceilings or wood. Order metal putty, ready-to-use putty, smoothing trowels and more from our online store now!

    Comprehensively supplied: painting products from Orex

    Do you want to putty plasterboard professionally, but don't have the right equipment? No problem. You can find them here, for example:

    • Finishing filler
    • Brick trowels
    • Interior filler for mixing
    • Painter's spatula sets
    • and much more.

    Orex offers you the tools you need for many DIY projects - whether you want to fill and sand your walls, fill plasterboard or plan to fill your concrete walls or drill holes. Browse our wide range to find the right equipment for you and cover your painting needs with first-class tools. Find high-quality products for filling at Orex now!

    A wide range of services from Orex

    Do you have any questions? We'll give you the right answers. Simply send us your request using the contact form. Our customer service team will provide you with expert advice on varnishing, wallpapering, painting and more.

    In addition to professional customer advice, we also offer you

    • a top online guide with lots of great tips for your DIY projects,
    • affordable sample shipping so you can test your wallpaper in advance and
    • free shipping (within Germany) for wallpapers.

    Curious to find out more? Then click through our wide range of products online. Professional filling now with top painting products from Orex!