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Baufan profimur 905 precast filler interior putty

Baufan profimur 905 precast filler interior putty

  • Item number: 105245
  • Manufacturer: Baufan
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Precast filler baufan's profimur 905 for interior drywalling

Baufan's putty is ready to use, easy to handle and suitable for filling and smoothing holes and cracks of mineral undercoats indoors. Mineral undercoats are undergrounds such as concrete and plasterboards, as well as fibreglass fabrics and textured plasters. It is easy to sand after sufficient hardening and is the perfect preparation for embedding renovation lining paper, finalizing filling of plasterboards and further drywalls.

Surface preparation:

The surface must be dry, firm and free of dust and grease. Remove old, peeling wallpapers and distemper paints using wallpaper remover. Make good cracks and holes using super bonding filler or indoor-filler. Prime highly absorbent, sanding and chalk-ing surfaces with Tiefengrund LF.


Use a smoothing trowel to apply profimur Fertigspachtel 905 with a layer up to max. 5 mm thick. Unevenness can be smoothed or felted over when moist.
Machine processing (such as Graco Mark V, Wagner PS 3, 39 or similar): Idle running pressure: 215 bar, hose length: max. 15 m, operating pressure: 160-180 bar, nozzle size: 035-041, thinner: max. 5 % water
Do not apply subsequent coats of paint or adhesive until the filled area has completely dried, depending on the thickness of the layer, absorbency of the surface and ambient temperature.

Consumption: approx. 1.7 kg/m² by 1 mm application thickness
Working temperature: Please do not use if the temperature of room or surface is below +5°C.

  • Ready to use and easy to smooth
  • permeable to the air, synthetic resin joint filler for all-over filling of indoor ceilings and walls.
  • extra-fine filling compound, even suitable for production of coatable substrates
  • allows feathering (thinning) out at edges to produce unbroken surface
  • application thickness up to 5 mm

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