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Baufan Interior Filler 5 kg versatile putty renovation
Baufan Interior Filler 5 kg versatile putty renovation
Baufan Interior Filler 5 kg versatile putty renovation 1

Baufan Interior Filler 5 kg versatile putty renovation

  • Item number: 101247Innenspachtel_5kg
  • Manufacturer: Baufan
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Baufan Interior Filler 5 kg stable filling compound

Baufan's putty is suitable for filling holes and cracks of all sizes. The natural-based powder is easy to mix without knots and is equally easy to use. Uneven surfaces on ceilings and walls can be levelled with the internal filler. The strong adhesive strength and stability of the putty is particularly noticeable, and it also has a high filling power. After the application of the filler the hardening takes place in approx. 2 hours. The inner filler can be reworked after approx. 1 day, it is important that the drying time is observed. To achieve optimum results, we recommend our painter's putty and metal putty.

  • Characteristics: Powder on natural basis, high stability, filling power, adhesive strength, easy processing, easy to mix without knots, tension-free, can be smoothed flat
  • Application: Filling over uneven surfaces, filling cracks and holes in walls and ceilings in dry rooms
  • Colour: White, well filling
  • Mixing ratio (for 1.0 kg Baufan Innenspachtel)
    Bonding, dowelling, filling: Approx. 0.5 l - 0.6 l Water
    Smoothing, filling: Approx. 0.6 l - 0.7 l Water
  • Consumption: Approx. 0.7 kg/m² per mm layer thickness
  • Open time: Up to approx. 1 hour

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