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    Removing wallpaper: how to do it in no time at all

    Removing old wallpaper from the wall can sometimes be a real challenge. Whether you want to try out a new colour palette or simply want to create a fresh atmosphere with new wallpaper in your rooms - with our effective methods and high-quality products, removing wallpaper is child's play.  Want to remove your wallpaper easily? Then explore our wallpaper removers and special tools for smooth and successful wallpaper removal at!

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    Removing wallpaper made easy - effective methods

    There are various ways to remove wallpaper easily, such as:

    • Efficient wallpaper strippers: The solutions penetrate deep into the layers of the wallpaper and loosen the adhesive so that you can peel the wallpaper off the wall more easily.
    • Specialised tools: Our hedgehog rollers, nail rollers and spatulas are perfect special tools for scoring the wallpaper, making it easier for the wallpaper remover to penetrate.
    • Chemical-free alternatives: In addition to wallpaper strippers, we also recommend environmentally friendly methods such as using washing-up liquid or fabric softener to remove wallpaper residue.
    • Use of steam appliances: Steam appliances are an effective way to remove stubborn wallpaper from walls. The hot steam penetrates the layers of wallpaper and soaks the liquid more effectively.

    To remove old and stubborn wallpaper from the wall in particular, you can first carefully scrape off the top layer with a scraper. It then makes sense to soak the wallpaper with wallpaper remover, water or water with washing-up liquid to loosen the paste. Once the wallpaper has soaked sufficiently, you can carefully peel it off the wall, usually in individual wallpaper strips. Our team is always on hand to advise you on the right methods for your wall.

    Simple and efficient: The best tips and tricks for wallpaper removal

    At Orex, in addition to our high-quality products, we also offer you valuable information and tips for removing wallpaper. Here is some important information to help you remove your wallpaper:

    • Note the type of wallpaper: Paper wallpaper or modern non-woven wallpaper is usually easier to remove from the wall than woodchip wallpaper.
    • Take soaking time into account: Soak your walls sufficiently. Give the wallpaper remover or water enough time to penetrate the layers of wallpaper. The soaking time varies depending on the product and type of wallpaper.
    • Proceed layer by layer: Remove the soaked wallpaper in several layers to ensure thorough and gentle removal. Start with the top layer and gradually work your way down to the layers of wallpaper below.
    • Use of wallpaper removal tools: In addition to the tools already mentioned, such as hedgehog rollers and nail rollers, wallpaper hedgehogs and wallpaper grinders can also be used to help remove the wallpaper.

    In our online shop, you will find everything you need for successful wallpaper removal, such as special tools and other accessories. Our range includes well-known brands such as Pufas, Wilckens and other renowned manufacturers that are known for their quality and effectiveness.

    Buy wallpaper paste and more at Orex

    At Orex, we rely on quality products from well-known brands. In addition to first-class wallpaper and accessories, such as wallpaper paste, you will also find an extensive range of other products for wall design in our online shop. Discover more helpful articles on the following topics in the painting supplies section:

    Find all the items for your premium renovation here and order tools and wallpaper strippers for easy wallpaper removal at now!