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Wallpapering tools Professional wallpaper remover set
Wallpapering tools Professional wallpaper remover set
Wallpapering tools Professional wallpaper remover set 1

Wallpapering tools Professional wallpaper remover set

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Professional wallpaper remover set

This set consists of five practical helpers to make wallpaper removal easier. The 3-piece wallpaper remover set includes a spiked roller, a wallpaper scraper and a pack of 10 replacement blades. Suitable for all occasional interior wall and ceiling renovation and wallpapering jobs.

Wallpaper scraper Carpet scraper 10cm

This wallpaper scraper makes it easy to remove wallpaper residues, carpet remnants, adhesive edges as well as paint and rust residues. The approx. 30 cm long metal scraper guarantees a high working comfort due to the robust processing quality. The rubberised handle fits securely in the hand and does not slip. The blades of the scraper are 10 cm wide and can be easily replaced.

Replacement blades 10 pieces for carpet scraper 10cm

These 10 durable replacement blades are suitable for wallpaper and floor scrapers. With a width of 10cm, the replaceable blades are ideal for precisely removing wallpaper and carpet residues as well as adhesive edges, paint and rust from various surfaces.

Wallpaper Nail Roller Spiked Roller Telescopic Arm

This wallpaper nail roller can be used to tear strips of wallpaper so that they can be removed from the wall more easily. To do this, the approx. 15 cm wide roller is guided over the wallpaper strip to be perforated with light pressure. The telescopic metal arm can be extended to a total length of up to 96 cm. This means that even hard-to-reach places can be worked on without any problems. The high-quality workmanship made of aluminium and plastic ensures sufficient stability and a high level of working comfort.

  • 3-piece professional wallpaper remover set - 1 x nail roller, 1 x wallpaper scraper + 1 x package with 10 spare blades for wallpaper scraper
  • Practical helpers - the set is ideal for all renovation and wallpapering work on walls and ceilings indoors
  • Nail roller - for roughening wallpaper; approx. 15 cm wide nail roller, 53.5 cm handle length (retracted), 96 cm handle length (extended); extendable telescopic handle, protective housing for roller, handle with hanging hole
  • Wallpaper scraper - approx. 10 cm blade, 30 cm handle; rubberised handle
  • 1 pack of 10 replacement blades for wallpaper scraper - approx. 10 cm blades; high durability