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    Painting supplies: Embellishment & care of wood and furniture

    Painting and varnishing is used to beautify, protect and care for furniture. Whether you want to spice up your wooden furniture or give your radiator a new look - with a fine layer of clear lacquer, you can make its surface shine in no time at all. Good painting tools are essential for a perfect result. At Orex, you will find a large selection of high-quality products for painting and glazing. Order brushes, paint stirrers, paint rollers and more for your professional paint job from our online shop now!

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    Varnishing wood & glazing furniture - it's easy with varnishing supplies from Orex

    Varnishing wood is a tried and tested methodof giving it a fresh and attractive appearance. Acrylic varnish or synthetic resin varnish is usually used for this. Whether it's furniture, wooden panels or doors - a new coat of varnish can work wonders.

    Before you start painting, it is important to prepare the surface thoroughly. Remove old layers of paint and make sure the surface is smooth and clean. Use high-quality paints such as acrylic paint or synthetic resin paint that are especially suitable for wood. This is the only way to achieve satisfactory results. A professional finish not only protects the wood from scratches, but also gives it a smooth surface and a long-lasting shine.

    In addition to wood, you can of course also paint your radiators. Painting radiators can be an effective way to give them a new look and match the interior design. For example, you can make your radiator look less conspicuous or emphasise it as a stylish accent piece.

    Glazing is also a popular method of embellishing furniture. The technique is mainly used on wooden surfaces. Glazing makes it possible to emphasise the natural beauty of the wood and at the same time build up a thin protective film. In this way, you can make your wood in white, black, brown and other colours shine and glow in no time at all and ensure adequate care.

    Only use the best tools for your DIY project. Discover affordable professional painting accessories for painters at Orex now!

    Wide range - painting supplies from Orex

    Would you like to paint your doors or give your radiator a new shine with a coating? Then you should definitely take a look at our comprehensive range. At Orex, you will find a whole range of first-class products for painting and varnishing. These include, among others:

    • Paint and glazing brushes
    • Paint tray inserts
    • DIY universal painting sets
    • Paint trays or paint roller sets
    • paint stirrers
    • and much more.

    Click through our extensive range of painting utensils. Find top products for painting and glazing online at Orex now!

    Excellent service from Orex

    Do you have questions about our painting accessories and other painting products? We'll be happy to help you. Simply send us a message using the contact form. Our customer support team will provide you with professional assistance and expert advice on our products for wallpapering, painting, filling and varnishing.

    • In addition to first-class customer advice, we also offer you an inexpensive sample dispatch service that allows you to test our products in advance, a helpful online guide with great tips for your DIY projects and
    • free shipping within Germany for wallpapers.

    Convinced? Then order your professional painting equipment from our online shop today. Buy high-quality brushes, paint tubs, paint rollers and more online at Orex now!