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    Buy painting utensils online: Brushes, rollers, paints and more

    Do you want to give your rooms a new coat of paint or carry out other DIY projects? Then you should rely on the high-quality painting products from Orex. We offer you only the very best for your project: durable brushes, robust paste rollers, modern wall paints, durable tile paints and much more. We also offer compact painting sets with flat and surface brushes or anti-splatter rollers for painting. Click through our colorful product world and see our innovative painting products for yourself. Plan your DIY projects safely now and discover professional painting equipment in our online store!

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    Painting products from Orex for a wide range of applications

    Whether tiles, doors or radiators - at Orex you will find a huge selection of top painting products for various areas of application.

    Painting tiles & floor tiles

    Special tile rollers or flat brushes with synthetic bristles are suitable for painting tiles and floor tiles. These tools allow the paint to be evenly distributed on the tile surfaces and ensure good adhesion of the paint.

    Painting walls

    Rollers are generally used when painting walls. There are different types of paint rollers, such as foam rollers for smooth surfaces or short-pile rollers for textured walls. Choosing the right roller depends on the texture of the wall. In addition to the paint roller, a paint grid or paint tray is required to pick up the paint and wipe off excess paint residue.

    Painting doors

    Flat brushes or foam rollers are recommended for painting doors. Flat brushes enable precise work and are particularly suitable for painting door edges and frames. Foam rollers are ideal for painting smooth and even surfaces quickly.

    Painting kitchens

    Rollers and brushes with synthetic bristles are suitable for painting kitchen walls or cabinets. The choice depends on the size and condition of the surface. Rollers are good for larger areas, while brushes can be used for precise work in corners and on edges.

    Painting ceilings

    Thoroughly painting ceilings usually requires special ceiling rollers. These rollers are equipped with long rods that make it easier to paint at height. Ceiling rollers are often fitted with a drip guard to prevent paint splashes from drying on the surface.

    Painting radiators

    When painting radiators, it is advisable to use small brushes or foam rollers to achieve an even coating. The choice depends on the size of the radiator and accessibility.

    Painting facades

    Special facade rollers or sprayers are generally used for painting façades. Facade rollers are robust and allow large areas to be covered quickly. Sprayers can also be efficient, especially for large façade surfaces.

    Painting wooden ceilings

    Brushes with natural bristles or foam rollers are a good choice for painting wooden ceilings. Natural bristle brushes are well suited for textured wooden surfaces, while foam rollers allow for a smooth and even coating.

    Discover our wide range of tools for your painting needs. Buy brushes, paint rollers, paint tubs and many other painting products in our online store now!

    Top services - exclusively for you from Orex

    Whether it's renovation paint for painting over, wallpaper paste, tools for wallpapering or special adhesives and sealants - every DIY enthusiast will find what they're looking for here. Our expert customer support staff are always on hand to help. If you have any questions, simply send us a message using the contact form. We will be happy to help you.

    Your security when shopping is important to us. That's why we use secure SSL encryption. And the best thing? We offer free shipping within Germany* for wallpapers. Simply order from the comfort of your own home and have your items delivered directly to your door. Rely on our outstanding quality products and first-class service. Order professional coating utensils from Orex now!