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    Wilckens paint, varnish & more: create perfect surfaces

    Is the garden gate rusting? Does a radiator need a new coat of paint? Is the patio weathering? Whatever the surface problem, one company has the solution: Wilckens. The top brand from Germany has specialised in the production of high-quality paints and varnishes for over 170 years. With its wide range of products, the manufacturer offers everything you need for your painting and renovation projects. Whether you want to spruce up your home, your boat or your garden, Wilckens has the colours that will inspire you. Dive in with us and discover the power of Wilckens products for a perfect result - and order everything you need at!

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    Paints, varnishes, oil, weather protection, speciality - there is nothing that Wilckens does not have

    Wilckens can look back on a proud tradition in the paint industry. Since its foundation in 1845, the company has made it its mission to offer products of the highest quality that fulfil the needs and wishes of its customers. Wilckens Farben is constantly researching and developing its products in order to be able to supply innovative solutions for demanding projects in the future.

    Just how high the standards are for Wilckens paints and varnishes can be seen from the areas of application: The company produces paints for industry, such as corrosion protection for electricity pylons, paints for professional shipbuilding and coating systems for goods wagons, tractors and dams. This means that Wilckens paints and coatings have to withstand the toughest conditions, from high-intensity wear and tear to the harshest weather conditions, including constant contact with salt water.

    Thanks to its quality standards and incredible experience, Wilckens is now one of the most important manufacturers of paints and coatings with production facilities and sales organisations in over 15 countries. He proudly proclaims that his success is based above all on partnership - partnership with industry, shipping and trade. Experience for yourself how versatile and high-quality Wilckens paints are and order your set online at!

    Wilckens paint & varnish - your gloss for indoors and outdoors

    The wide range of Wilckens products includes everything you need for your interior and exterior projects. What all Wilckens paints and varnishes have in common is their high quality, easy handling and unbeatable durability. Here is an overview of some of the outstanding products and their areas of application:


    • Wood primer: ensures optimum adhesion of paints and varnishes on wooden surfaces
    • Latex paint: for perfect colour results on interior walls and ceilings
    • Wallpaper primer: prepares your walls perfectly for wallpaper application
    • Parquet lacquer: provides your wooden floor with long-lasting protection and a glossy finish
    • Tile varnish: gives your floor a fresh look
    • Radiator paint: makes even the oldest radiators shine in new splendour


    • Weather protection paint: protects exterior wood from the elements and gives it a long-lasting, beautiful appearance
    • Façade paint: provides optimum coverage and resistance to the elements
    • Rust protection primer: protects metal surfaces from rust formation and forms the perfect basis for a durable colour coating
    • Decking oil: maintains your wooden deck and gives it an attractive appearance
    • Roof paint: protects and beautifies your roof with a long-lasting colour finish
    • Metal protection paint: provides reliable protection for outdoor metal surfaces such as garden gates

    We also offer Wilckens special paints such as coloured paints, spray paints and swimming pool coatings in our online shop. For your adventure on the water, there is the tried and tested Wilckens boat & yacht paint.

    What are you waiting for? Immerse yourself in endless surface design possibilities. Buy Wilckens paints and varnishes now at Orex and experience quality and perfection!

    Wilckens & more - the choice for premium colour and protection

    With Wilckens, you become the true artist of your own four walls or your outdoor areas. Our high-quality paints and varnishes allow you to express your creativity and design unique spaces. Whether you want to repaint your walls or give your boat a new shine, Wilckens is the perfect choice for a perfect result.

    Benefit from our range and discover even more premium products. In our wall paints & varnishes category, you will find Wilckens as well as top brands such as

    Convince yourself of the selection and quality, choose the right one for your project and order your Wilckens paint & varnish and other products - directly online at Orex!