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Wallpaper Types – Non-woven, Paper, Satin, Vinyl & More

Finding the most suitable wallpaper quality for your interior is not always easy. The OREX web shop provides a huge selection of wallpapers of all kinds of different qualities and materials that meet different demands. Classical paper wallpaper for example is lightweight and breathable. There are many variations that make it easy to find the right wallpaper that's matching your style. In utility rooms like kitchens and bathrooms it is advisable to use vinyl wallpapers, since they have a durable and scrubbable surface. Furthermore, many vinyl wallpapers convince with sophisticated embossments that provide a fancy look. Non-woven wallpapers convince with their robust quality which makes them easy to process and they are dry strippable without leaving any residues. Those who like it flamboyant will love satin and textile wallpapers. Satin wallpapers enchant your own four walls with their captivating satin lustre, while textile wallpapers feature an impressive surface feel with their incorporated textile fibres. For an even more individual interior design, we recommend wallpaper borders that serve to mellow the appearance of your wall, as well as paintable wallpapers and woodchip wallpapers that can be painted in the colour of your choice. Photo wallpapers are absolute eye-catchers with large wallpaper designs and set striking accents. The OREX web shop offers a huge assortment of reasonably priced, high-quality wallpapers of any kind.