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    Non-Woven Wallpaper Designs - Find Your Favourite

    Due to their particularly easy processing and high quality, non-woven wallpapers are among the wallpaper favourites, because they can be processed directly on the pre-pasted wall without any soaking time. They consist of a mix of textile fibres and cellulose and are therefore particularly hard-wearing. Even when wallpaper is changed, wash-resistant and lightfast non-woven wallpapers offer a particular advantage as they can be removed completely dry from the wall during a renovation. That is why non-woven wallpaper in children's rooms offers a great advantage, as the taste can change constantly in every new year of life, so that a new non-woven wallpaper can be put on the wall again and again. 

    Smaller cracks can also be bridged by non-woven wallpaper thanks to its dimensional stability. Nevertheless, a thorough preparation of the underground should not be underestimated, just like an even painting on the wall, so that later nothing shines through the fleece wallpaper. 

    Non-woven wallpapers are not only suitable for use in bedrooms and living rooms, but also in bathrooms or kitchens. Non-woven wallpapers are resistant to moisture and steam and breathable at the same time. Non-woven wallpaper gains further plus points by being flame retardant and easily washable when soiled. The RAL quality mark on non-woven wallpaper indicates that the wallpaper is free of harmful substances and can therefore be used in any room without hesitation. Non-woven wallpapers are available in many different colours and designs. No matter if you want a non-woven wallpaper concrete-look, non-woven wallpaper wood-look, non-woven wallpaper single-coloured or non-woven wallpaper stripes: choose the wallpaper matching your furnishing wishes of well-known German and international wallpaper manufacturers from the large assortment of the OREX wallpaper shop at reasonable prices.