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    Paintable wallpaper for your home

    Paintable non-woven wallpapers from Erfurt or A.S. Creation add a personalised touch to your living and sleeping areas. They also offer you a practical alternative to our classic patterned wallpapers. With non-woven wallpaper, there are no limits to your creativity and you get a wall decoration that exactly matches your ideas. Choose your favourite pattern from many different wallpaper designs and combine it with other wallpaper types from our online shop. Browse through our large wallpaper portfolio and order paintable wallpaper online at OREX!

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    Paintable wallpaper for individual styles

    Colour artists, creatives and DIY enthusiasts take note. In our online shop, you'll find page after page of white non-woven wallpaper, various designs and great surface textures. We present four easy techniques for customising our non-woven wallpaper. Let your creativity run wild and give your walls a unique touch:

    Enhance paintable wallpaper with the stippling technique

    You will need a painting sponge for this technique. To achieve a Mediterranean flair, we recommend the following to our customers:

    • First paint your wallpaper with your desired base colour.
    • Then take your sponge and carefully dip it into the colour of your choice. Make sure that the sponge only has a little paint on it
    • First dab the sponge on a piece of cardboard or something similar so that your colour imprint is not too strong at the beginning.
    • If you are not yet satisfied with the colour intensity of your dabbing technique, apply a little more paint during the next process.

    We recommend that our customers work with two different shades of colour to create an even more Mediterranean ambience.

    Customise paintable wallpaper with a wrapping technique

    You will need a cloth (e.g. chamois leather) and gloves for this technique.

    • Paint your walls with the desired colour base.
    • Then soak the cloth generously in paint and wring it out.
    • Leave the cloth in a crumpled shape as you wring it out.
    • You can then simply roll the cloth gently over the wall to create a rustic effect, which can be intensified depending on the amount of paint, pressure and number of applications.

    Decorating paintable wallpaper with a wipe technique

    For this technique, you will need a simple brush or alternatively a clean broom head.

    • For this technique too, first prime your wall in the desired colour.
    • Choose an additional colour for the wiping technique
    • Then lightly dip your brush into the second colour. Repeated wiping movements on the wall create a rough textured effect.

    Perfecting paintable wallpaper with the stencil technique

    For this technique, you will need cardboard, a cutter knife and a brush.

    • Apply the desired base colour to your wallpaper.
    • Then cut out various motifs (e.g. small stars) from the cardboard using a cutter knife.
    • Hold the template in front of the wall and fill the cut-outs with colour.

    Try it out and give your living space a distinctive touch with our techniques. Our suggested techniques can of course be perfectly combined with each other.

    We recommend the use of emulsion, latex or acrylic paints for good results, no matter which option you choose. Click through our range and add your paintable non-woven wallpaper to your shopping basket now!

    In addition to great products, you'll also receive other attractive benefits

    Discover our large wallpaper selection. In addition to paintable non-woven wallpaper, you will also find the following wallpaper types in our large wallpaper range:

    OREX customers benefit from outstanding advantages from the very first order:

    • Receive your wallpaper order free of shipping costs within Germany.
    • Request a sample of your favourite wallpaper without obligation
    • Contact us via our digital contact form and send us a message.

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