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    OREX - self-adhesive wallpaper in stone or 3D optics 

    Use wallpaper from our online shop to create stunning accents in the rooms of your choice. You want to put wallpaper on your wall in just a few steps? No problem at all. Then OREX is the right place for you. We have the solution for you - self-adhesive wallpaper. This type of wallpaper will make your renovation project much easier. Browse our range and discover self-adhesive wallpapers in different designs such as stone look or in 3D. Order your self-adhesive wallpapers online now! 

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    What is self-adhesive wallpaper? 

    Who doesn't know it? Some find wallpapering soothing and great for letting their creativity run free, and for others there is hardly anything worse than getting soaked with paste and leaving behind dirt. For all the wallpapering muffle among you, OREX has the solution - self-adhesive wallpaper. This type of wallpaper represents a small revolution in the field of wallpaper. It is a modern, convenient & quickalternative to classic adhesive wallpapers made of paper. Self-adhesive wallpapers do not leave any paste residue on your floor due to their coated back with a pressure-sensitive adhesive. Applying the wallpaper is child's play: 

    • First remove a 10 cm strip of the backing material. 
    • Before applying the wallpaper, think about how and where you want to place it. 
    • Then stick & press the wallpaper onto the wall and remove the air bubbles

    It can be that easy. Discover our wide range of self-adhesive wallpapers and turn your rooms into an oasis of well-being in just a few simple steps.

    Self-adhesive wallpaper - stone look, 3D & Co. for your four walls 

    Make your renovation project as easy as possible and opt for this simple type of wallpaper. Whether in terms of design, colour or shape, our portfolio of self-adhesive wallpapers offers you a wide variety to let your creativity run free. Discover our various designs and motifs for different design options. 

    Self-adhesive wallpaper in 3D look 

    With self-adhesive wallpaper in 3D look, you can bring an illusion of depth and vision into your four walls. You want to make your bedroom or living room look bigger? Then 3D wallpaper is just the thing for you. Discover our different motifs and designs in the OREX online shop and create a very special atmosphere in your rooms. 

    Self-adhesive wallpaper in stone look 

    Self-adhesive wallpaper in stone look is very trendy at the moment. Brighten up your boring walls with a rustic stone-look wallpaper that's easy to apply. Conjure up a real eye-catcher in the rooms of your choice with deceptively real self-adhesive stone wallpaper. If you lose your love for the stone look, you can easily remove the self-adhesive wallpaper in a few simple steps without leaving any damage on your wall. 

    Wallpapering has never been so easy. Discover our self-adhesive wallpaper in the OREX online shop and give every single room in your home a special atmosphere. Order self-adhesive wallpaper online now! 

    Discover self-adhesive wallpaper in various designs at OREX 

    At OREX, you'll find a wide selection of affordable and high-quality products for renovating your home. For years, we have been stocking well-known top brands from top designers who convince our customers with their premium products. Discover the products of the following star designers and convince yourself of the high quality of the wallpapers: 

    In addition to great renovation tools, OREX also offers you other attractive advantages: 

    • In our wallpaper guide, we have compiled useful tips and tricks for your next renovation project.  
    • Choose conveniently between numerous payment options

    Do you have any questions about your order or the ordering process? Then write us a message. Simply use our digital contact form. The OREX team will do its best to help you as quickly as possible. Order self-adhesive wallpapers from OREX now!