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    Conceal unevenness with smooth decorating & lining wallpaper 

    Your old wallpaper is gone and you have discovered slight unevenness on the wall? Smooth fleece & renovation fleece are the solution. These wallpaper types simplify your renovation projects in your four walls. Browse the OREX online shop and discover the all-rounder in our wallpaper range. Skilfully conceal small and large irregularities and cracks and achieve flawless results. Explore our affordable selection and order smooth fleece & renovation fleece at OREX now! 

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    Lining & decorating wallpaper - a must-have for every renovation project. 

    More and more professional craftsmen and hobby DIYers prefer to use the all-rounder. With repair fleece as underlay wallpaper, you have the opportunity to easily and elegantly conceal minor unevenness and cracks that occurred when removing the wallpaper. Enjoy many advantages with this type of wallpaper. Apply the products as a paint fleece and then paint over them with a wall colour of your choice. Due to the particularly well adhering surface structure, the wallpaper ensures an aesthetic room design. Lining & decorating wallpaper sounds more and more interesting to you? In our online shop you will find a huge selection of easy-to-use smooth non-woven & renovation non-woven wallpapers! Order now at!

    Decorating wallpaper - the right pre-treatment for unsuitable walls 

    Whether you choose paper wallpaper, woodchip wallpaper, satin wallpaper or vinyl wallpaper, the conditions of the surface of your wall are decisive for whether your wallpaper will stick to the wall or peel off after a certain time. If your wall has been badly damaged by the removal of the old wallpaper or by other events, it can happen that the wall surface is not absorbent, which results in the wallpaper peeling off more quickly. Renovation fleece is the solution here. Renovation fleece is a type of under-wallpaper that you can use to pre-treat unsuitable surfaces. In the following, we will list a few eventualities:

    Pretreat minor wall imperfections 

    Have you discovered minor irregularities on your wall? Then you can level them out very well with renovation fleece. This type of wallpaper helps you to smooth out minor blemisheswithout any problems so that wallpapering will be a success. In case of larger damages, such as cracks or holes in the wall, you should correct them with putty before applying the wallpaper. 

    Treat unsuitable surfaces with renovation fleece 

    Walls or surfaces that have been previously painted with varnish or oil-based paints or that have too strong a primer are usually unsuitable for sticking wallpaper, as it would have no base to adhere to. However, you can make your walls suitable for wallpapering by pretreating them with renovation fleece. However, make sure that your walls are stable, even and, above all, dry.  

    What to look for when buying smooth fleece & renovation fleece 

    Unfortunately, smooth fleece or renovation fleece is hardly sufficient for pretreating your walls. To achieve a flawless result, you will need other utensils and tools. This way, you are well equipped to tackle the restoration of your wall's surface. If you consider the following points before your renovation project, nothing should stand in the way of pretreating your surfaces: 

    • Before buying non-woven wallpaper, you should calculate the surface area of your walls. You will find the length and width of the wallpaper on the non-woven wallpaper packaging. 
    • In addition to the wallpaper, get a roll, a spatula and a smoothing trowel to spread everything smoothly. 
    • Remember that you need a special adhesive to apply smooth fleece or renovation fleece. 
    • And last but not least: Get masking fleece to keep your floor clean while wallpapering. 

    For further questions, our guide is a useful aid. Feel free to browse our online shop and find other useful products besides smooth fleece and renovation fleece to complete your renovation project successfully. Order everything you need for your work at OREX now! 

    Discover smooth fleece, renovation fleece & much more in the OREX online shop 

    Use our online shop to complete your DIY equipment. In addition to smooth fleece & renovation fleece, you will also find other types of wallpaper with which you can easily paint over your walls after pre-treatment. In our assortment you will find the following types of wallpaper: 

    Do you have any questions about our products or how to apply the different types of wallpaper? Then take a look at our FAQ or use our wallpaper guide. Maybe you are lucky and your question will be answered there. Otherwise, you can of course write us a message using our digital contact form. The OREX team will do its best to answer your question as quickly as possible. Order smooth fleece, renovation fleece at OREX now.