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    Wallpaper for bathrooms as a replacement for tiles 

    Wallpapers are a great choice for bathroom design to create a great ambience. Many wallpapers offer reliable protection against moisture and at the same time give the room an individual style with various designs. A bathroom serves as a retreat for relaxation. That is why non-woven wallpapers, photo wallpapers and vinyl wallpapers with creative motifs for the bathroom are very much in demand. Discover our wide selection of bathroom wallpapers for your oasis of well-being in the OREX online shop! 

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    Wallpaper for bathrooms - which type is best? 

    As an alternative or also as a change to tiles, several types of wallpaper are suitable for designing a bathroom. The advantage of this decision is the great variety of patterns, colours andstructures. In addition, wallpaper can be applied to the walls yourself without much experience. A wallpaper for the bathroom should have the following properties: 

    • (High) wash resistance or 
    • abrasion resistance.  

    On heavily used surfaces, it is best to choose a scuff-resistant wallpaper that you can clean easily. Many vinyl wallpapers and photo wallpapersprotect against moisture and are also waterproof, i.e. highly wash-resistant. Choose from the large assortment of the OREX wallpaper shop the suitable high-quality bathroom wallpaper of well-known brand manufacturers at favourable prices. Info: Non-woven wallpapers with non-woven backing are always more suitable than paper wallpapers. 

    If you decide to cover your entire bathroom with wallpaper, leave out the area aroundthe shower. The area that is exposed to a strong jet of water for several minutes needs tiles. Before applying wallpaper, it makes sense to treat the walls with anti-mould products as a preventive measure. You can find these products and damp-proof paint in our online shop.

    Wallpaper design for the bathroom 

    Which wallpaper style suits the bathroom optically? If you want to combine tiles and wallpaper, an unusual and colourful design is a good choice. If you want to design a large area, you often opt for a plain and rather simple design. The pattern-rich non-woven wallpapers with vinyl coating as well as photo wallpapers are ideal for this. The selection ranges from antique and classic to playful and modern: whatever suits your individual style. Marble looks with first-class 3Dprinting are also very popular. You can achieve really great effects with realistic photo wallpapers. One thing is clear: wallpaper makes for an even wall and is just as suitable for damp rooms as tiles. 

    Tip: If the bathroom has a window, more light will reach the walls. If this is the case, you can also work with dark wallpaper and patterns. 

    Waterproof wallpaper for the bathroom and more at OREX 

    Discover a variety of options for your renovation projects in our online shop at OREX. Also discover other great wallpapers for various areas, such as: 

    In addition to the useful utensils, take advantage of other benefits, such as: 

    Would you like to know which paste you need and which type of wallpaper is wallpapered how? Then take advantage of our FAQs. Here we have compiled the most important information for you in a convenient guide. In our guide you will also find many helpful tips and tricks. You can also use our digital contact form to send us a message. Order your bathroom wallpaper now for the perfect interior design at OREX!