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    Hallway wallpaper - impressive design with wallpaper from OREX

    When you enter a house or flat, it's often the first impression that counts. In this category you will find wallpapers for the hallway in different types that give your entrance area an impressive touch. Whether you like it classic or modern, OREX offers you a selection of high-quality wallpapers in various designs, with different motifs and colours at uniquely low prices. Discover hallway wallpapers from well-known wallpaper designers such as Guido Maria Kretschmer, Babara Schöneberger or Harald Glööckler and many more in our online shop. Browse through our wide range and find the right wallpaper for your hallway. Order hallway wallpaper now at!

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    Find the right hallway wallpaper with our tips & tricks.

    Your hallway looks boring and you want to give the entrance area of your home a new look so that your guests feel welcome as soon as they arrive? Then OREX is the right place for you. Turn your hallway into a pleasant reception area for your loved ones with our harmonious and tasteful wallpapers. We'll tell you which wallpaper is ideal for your hallway. However, before you decide on a wallpaper, it is important that you match it to the characteristic features of your hallway. Whether it's tall, narrow, dark or has a low ceiling - we'll help you find the right wallpaper.

    Hallway wallpaper for hallways with low ceilings

    Is the ceiling of your hallway area so low that you feel you will hardly find a suitable wallpaper to get rid of the stifling feeling? No problem for OREX. Browse our range and discover our wallpaper patterns with vertical floral motifs or longitudinal stripes that will visually stretch your hallway walls and make your low ceiling look higher. Discover wallpaper for the hallway now that will give your entrance area a new height - even if it's just an optical illusion. Order hallway wallpaper now free of shipping costs and at low prices at OREX!

    Hallway wallpaper for a large hallway area

    A large hallway area offers many design possibilities. We help you to give free rein to your creativity. Set skilful design highlights with our large variety of wallpapers. Discover the following types of wallpaper in our range that are perfect for a large hallway area:

    • Wood-look wallpapers
    • Concrete-look wallpapers
    • wallpapers in baroque look

    No matter which motif you choose, a generously proportioned hallway area gives you all kinds of possibilities to transform the reception room of your flat or house into an inviting hallway. Skilfully place pieces of furniture, such as a comfortable armchair, against the wall or perfectly set the scene in the room with a fluffy rug from our online shop.

    Hallway wallpaper for a dark hallway area

    If there are no windows in the hallway area, this space can quickly look drab and less inviting. Quickly transform your dark hallway into a welcoming reception area to greet your family and friends with our bright and colourful wallpaper selection. Choose wallpaper in the following colours:

    • plain wallpaper in sunshine yellow
    • plain wallpaper in apple green
    • plain orange wallpaper

    Warm and light wallpaper colours are the perfect choice to make the wall design in dark hallways inviting and harmonious again. Browse our wide range and order wallpapers in bright and colourful colours for your hallway now!

    Discover wallpapers for the hallway and much more at

    In addition to wallpapers for your hallway, OREX offers you another large selection of wallpapers for your individual interior design. With wallpapers suitable for children, your little ones will spend a lot of time in their new favourite room. With dinosaur motifs, tractor motifs or princess motifs, there's sure to be something for every child. Also discover our wallpaper suggestions for the following rooms:

    Browse through our online shop and benefit from attractive advantages right from your first order:

    • Get your wallpapers delivered to your home free of shippingcosts when ordering within Germany.
    • Discover our wallpaper guide. Whether you're a professional craftsman or a hobby DIYer - with our tips & tricks, wallpapering is always a success.
    • Take advantage of our low-cost sample delivery service and order the wallpaper sample of your desired wallpaper free of charge and without obligation.

    Do you have any questions about our products or your order? Then write us a message. Just use our digital contact form. We look forward to hearing from you. Order your wallpaper for the hallway online and at low prices at OREX!