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Kids Room Wallpapers 948 Items
    Kids Room Wallpapers / 948 Items
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    Wallpapers for the children's room of girls and boys

    The children's room - the play ground, sleeping area and also working area for your little ones. What used to be kept simple in blue or pink is now, with a lot of creativity, an oasis of well-being for children and young people. Because the children's room is the most frequently changing room in every house. To play and have fun, children need a place where they feel particularly comfortable. With colourful children's wallpapers in playful designs, you can create a friendly environment in the children's room that inspires and sparks joy. While the little ones are still interested in Winnie the Pooh and Mickey Mouse as nursery wallpaper, the older kids' rooms are full of Star Wars characters, Marvel heroes and Disney stars like Violetta. What is colourful and playful at first becomes more discreet and calmer later. Choose the right wall decor for your loved ones from cute motifs. With different kids wallpaper designs and wall decorations, you can also differentiate the different areas in the room.

    The sleeping area should be kept a little quieter, especially for small children, to avoid a stimulus satiation. Uni-wallpapers in soft colours, combined with individual well-placed wall tattoos and stickers are particularly suitable here. But also wall pictures for children stand out ideally against the plain coloured background. These can be removed again and again and can be adapted to the individual taste of the little ones. Thematically matching with the carpets and wallpapers in the play area, a harmonious picture is created that makes children's eyes shine.

    Here in the OREX wallpaper shop you will find inexpensive children's wallpaper for girls and boys with excellent quality from various well-known wallpaper manufacturers, which will transform the children's room of your little ones into a playful paradise full of adventure and excitement.