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    Wallpaper For Sweet Dreams And Relaxing Moments

    You will find a large selection of high quality wallpapers for a peaceful sleep and sweet dreams in this category. These are available in many designs and colours. Our holiest room - the bedroom - is the place where we should feel most comfortable. The right wallpaper can help to transport us into the land of dreams, while the decorative wall coverings promise relaxation and recreation in the bedroom and create a harmonious living environment. You can choose between natural wood and stone optics, romantic flower patterns, retro motifs, baroque ornaments as well as classic stripes and plain wallpapers. In addition, you have countless possibilities to make your bedroom your favourite room. Whether romantic oasis, clean industrial look or dreamy country style, everything is possible with us. Do as you like! However, you should pay attention to one or two things, so that it does not look too restless. Because the wallpaper must blend in harmoniously and should not impair the overall look. Therefore, attention should be paid to the colour as well as to the surface and pattern. If the furniture and bedroom decorations already have many patterns and motifs, a slightly more restrained wallpaper should be chosen. However, in the case of a simple interior, wallpaper with large patterns is recommended as an eye-catcher. Such wallpaper is best shown to advantage behind the bed. When choosing wallpaper, you should also pay attention to how many walls are to be wallpapered, as this can already change the whole room effect and patterned wallpaper therefore quickly appears too restless. Likewise, wallpaper can be used to make quick changes in the bedroom, and non-woven wallpaper can be easily placed on the wall and removed again completely. If the dream wallpaper does not please any more, the OREX web shop has enough wallpaper designs for the bedroom and all other rooms in the house at reasonable prices.