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Interior design - find the right wallpaper for your home at OREX. 

With the right wallpaper in the right colours, you have the opportunity to design individual rooms in your home in a versatile and variable way. Whether for the children's room, living room, bathroom or kitchen. At OREX you will find the perfect wallpaper for every room. Give your creativity free rein with our range. Browse our online shop and discover our selection from hallway wallpaper to bathroom wallpaper. Make your interior design perfect by buying our wallpapers. Order your matching wallpaper online now! 

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Interior design with wallpaper - inspiration for your living spaces 

Wallpapers should meet the needs of the rooms you want to renovate. To help you find the right wall covering for your living and utility space, we offer you some inspiration for your room design with different wallpaper designs for different room concepts. First impressions often count when it comes to perfect room design. Browse through our wallpaper shop and discover our carefully compiled selection of impressive wallpapers in different colours, which are particularly suitable for the interior design of, among other things, hallways and entrance areas. In the following, we provide you with some room design options.

Interior design ideas for the living room and bedroom 

When it comes to room design for the living room and bedroom, we recommend that our DIYers pay particular attention to a cosy ambience and elegance. Baroque looks are particularly impressive in these areas, but natural motifs and classic striped or plain designs will also transform your living space into a true place of well-being. However, you should also make sure that the wallpaper is breathable. 

Have you ever thought about photo wallpaper? With the right photo wallpaper, you can show off large rooms in your home to their best advantage and turn them into real eye-catchers. From popular landmarks to floral motifs, retro patterns and animal prints, you'll find it all in our wallpaper shop.

Interior design ideas for the bathroom 

You can wallpaper your bathroom with great maritime motifs and various wood looks as vintage wallpaper to create a calming atmosphere. Browse our range and make your retreat your favourite room in your home with moisture repellent and washable wallpaper from OREX. Check out our FAQs and guide to find out what to look out for when applying wallpaper.  

Interior design ideas for the kitchen 

For a unique design of your kitchen, you can find various colourful designs and modern lettering in pleasant colours around the theme of "food and drink". With our affordable and high-quality wallpapers, cooking in your newly wallpapered kitchen will be even more fun. It's also best to make sure that the wallpaper is washable and abrasion-resistant, as well as flame-retardant. Discover our diverse range at You are not sure which wallpaper is best suited for your kitchen? No problem, simply request a sample of your favourite wallpaper and we will send it to you. 

Interior design ideas for the party room 

The next big party at home is planned and you want to freshen up the party room with a new wallpaper? Then OREX is the right place for you. Go for wild and bright colours. The unusual patterns and retro wallpapers are sure to create an exciting ambience at your next party. With our room design ideas for your party room, you'll be the party king or queen among your friends. 

Interior design ideas for the children's room 

Your little ones are growing up and want a change of scenery? No problem, with our large wallpaper selection there is something for every child's room. For the little ones among us, you'll find the following motifs and designs: 

  • Jungle motifs, 
  • dinosaur motifs, 
  • princess motifs, 
  • animal motifs 
  • and much more. 

For older children in their teens, you'll find more subtle motifs, such as: 

  • striped motifs, 
  • graffiti motifs, 
  • dotted motifs 
  • and much more. 

For a proper pre-treatment of your walls to achieve a perfect result, you will find all the useful utensils in the OREX online shop. Take a look and order wallpapers for the perfect interior design now! 

OREX - Wallpapers and other useful utensils for the perfect interior design 

With our online shop, you have the opportunity to upgrade and complete your renovation equipment. In addition to sufficient ideas for a unique room design, you will also find the following areas in our wallpaper shop: 

Do you have any questions about our products, about your order and the ordering process or about applying the different types of wallpaper? Then take a look at our FAQs or use our wallpaper guide. Here we have put together a guide for you on how to easily apply wallpaper. In addition, you will also find other useful tips and tricks in our guide that will make your renovation project easier. Maybe you're lucky and your question is answered in our FAQs. Otherwise, you can of course send us a message via our digital contact form. Order wallpaper from OREX now and take your interior design to the next level!