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Coloured wallpapers by known brands

Find all our popular brand manufacturers in this category of wallpapers organised by their colour. From AS Creation wallpapers, livingwalls wallpapers and Architect Papers wallpapers to Erismann wallpapers, Marburg wallpapers and Rasch wallpapers. The OREX product range also offers all necessary accessories for wallpapering and wallpaper removal, as well as paint and painters' supplies for even more individual designs. Now dive into our selection of coloured wallpapers with various patterns and textures to find your new favourite wall cover!

Wallpapers categorised by colour - choose your favourite!

Wallpaper colours are often the first thought when it comes to redecorating your home. Which colour do I want for my living room, bedroom, kitchen? The next step often is the design or pattern. The OREX wallpaper shop gives you the opportunity to select by wallpaper design as well as colour. So here in this category you will find unobtrusive wall decoration with beige wallpaper, brown wallpaper, grey wallpaper and white wallpaper. You can also browse calming colours with blue wallpaper, pastel wallpaper, rose wallpaper and turquoise wallpaper. Additionally you get the chance to explore energising and striking colours like yellow wallpaper, golden wallpaper, green wallpaper, purple wallpaper, orange wallpaper, pink wallpaper and red wallpaper. Or you could go for multicoloured wallpaper, black wallpaper, black & white wallpaper or silver wallpaper. All colours come in a variation of designs and patterns as well as different types. So whether you look for a non-woven wallpaper with flower motif in purple or for a pastel-yellow paper wallpaper with cute comic design for your children - everything is possible. Find your favourite wallpaper at a reasonable price in the OREX wallpaper shop!