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    Extravagance with purple wallpapers

    Purple, violet, lavender and lilac - the range of purple wallpapers is wide and divers from soft tones to vibrant colour tones. Find your favourite violet wallpapers in a selection of AS Creation wallpapers, livingwalls wallpapersArchitect Papers wallpapersErismann wallpapers, Marburg wallpapers, Rasch wallpapers and further brands and designers. The OREX wallpaper shop also carries accessories for wallpapering and wallpaper removal, as well as paint and painters' supplies for your own wall styles.

    Wallpaper in purple, violet, lavender and berry tones

    Purple wallpapers convey an atmosphere full of fantasy and spirituality. The colour spectrum ranges from dark violet, intense purple, calming lavender, soft lilac or refreshing berry tones. Purple in combination with golden elements represents nobility. So if you aim for elegant wall decorations, that might be your colours of choice. Walls in purple encourage your imagination and be inspiring. Is your wallpaper violet, it may have psychedelic effects due to its spiritual impact, but it may also calm your emotions. Violet wallpaper - as a symbol of future, fantasy and dreams. Express your visions in different styles of purple wallpapers. Among these wallpapers you will find floral motifs with flowers, elaborate ornaments and tendril patterns, classic stripes, dots and graphic wallpapers. Decorate your walls in a violet tone for unconventional, individual and extravagant styles. Get great effects with purple wallpapers in different colour shades - or with the large motifs of violet mural wallpapers. Those photo wallpapers are especially impressive. Which colour and pattern combination fascinates you most?