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    Wallpapers in blue, cyan, navy...

    Find for your new wall decoration in calming blue wallpapers by our brand manufacturers like AS Creation wallpapers, livingwalls wallpapersArchitect Papers wallpapers. Blue wallpapers for a relaxing atmosphere in your bedroom or living room are also available by Erismann wallpapers, Marburg wallpapers and Rasch wallpapers. The OREX product range also offers all necessary accessories for wallpapering and wallpaper removal, as well as paint and painters' supplies for additional design ideas.

    Relax with blue wallpapers in various shades

    Blue wallpapers can cause strong emotions. Some feel blue when surrounded by blue colours, while others experience calmness due to the resemblance of the ocean or the sky. And some get cold with blue coloured walls. But blue can be diverse. From a deep blue that reminds of the force of nature or something surreal, over greenish-blue that reminds of the ocean, to an almost paradise like turquoise to a soft light blue like the sunny sky or icy blue. Blue has a broad colour range and can cause entirely different emotions. Just as the colour itself are blue wallpapers universally appealing covers for your walls. Blue wallpaper can create a feeling of freedom and vastness, but may also make you feel nostalgic. Lessen the impact of blue colouration with the use of different patterns - and it might evolve a different atmosphere than anticipated. A soft baby blue of a paper wallpaper for children's rooms, azure blue non-woven wallpaper for a feeling of vastness for your hallway, an elegant navy blue of vinyl wallpapers for your bathroom or a royal blue of a textile wallpaper for your dining room. Blue usually is a reticent colouration that does not obtrude, but sneaks into your subconsciousness and enhances your spirit. Blue represents relaxation, patience, understanding and trust. Depending on the pattern, texture or motif, wallpapers of similar colouration appear entirely different. Single-coloured wallpapers in blue can be intermitted by wallpaper borders or mixed with patterned wallpapers. Take in the blue wallpapers' diversity and find the colour and pattern that is most appealing for yourself.