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Black & White Wallpaper 78 Items
    Black & White Wallpaper / 78 Items
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    Wallpapers in black & white

    High contrasting designs made of the 2 simple colours black and white have massive spatial effects and always find a way to impress. Find your new favourite wall design in this category of black 'n' white wallpapers. From Architect Papers wallpapers and Erismann wallpapers to AS Creation wallpapers, livingwalls wallpapers and Marburg wallpapers as well as Rasch wallpapers are various motifs available in the OREX product range. For easy wallpapering and wallpaper removal, check out our tools as well as paint and painters' supplies for more individual decorations. 

    Black & White Wallpaper - Striking but timeless

    With a wall decoration in black and white, you make use of the biggest contrasts. Motifs like ornaments or flowers are softer, more playful, while stripes and dots emphasise obvious edges. With such a binary wall decoration you can represent themes of past times or set modern accentuations. Are your walls black and white, you can create extraordinary styles which are still adaptable. The motif or pattern is the main focus of these wallpapers due to the absence of colour. Depending on the pattern or motif minimalist interior decoration are easily implemented. Graphic wallpaper designs usually double in effect with the contrasting colours of black and white. This category has a wider range of designs as you might expect thanks to the various nuances of black and white. Explore the polychromatism of these 2 colours with black&white wallpapers of the OREX wallpaper shop!