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    Wallpapers in yellow

    Warm and welcoming - yellow wallpapers from wallpaper brands like livingwalls wallpapersMarburg wallpapers, Rasch wallpapers or AS Creation wallpapersArchitect Papers wallpapers and Erismann wallpapers bring a positive atmosphere into your living spaces. For a cheerful processing OREX also carries tool for wallpapering and wallpaper removal, as well as paint and painters' supplies for additional paintwork. 

    Yellow Wallpaper - Cover your walls in sunshine!

    Invite the sun into your home with yellow wallpaper. Yellow as colour stands for happiness and fun, transports a feeling of hope and luck. Same as with any other colour, yellow wallpapers come in various nuances from dainty to gaudy and assist diverse purposes. Especially retro wallpapers often feature a mustard yellow, exotic wallpapers a vanilla tone with additional bright colours like pink. Floral wallpapers often show soft yellow shades, other designs again make use of ochre. Sun yellow or pastel yellow are often represented in children wallpapers. Yellow wall designs usually carry a feeling of sunshine and warmth and influence your optimism. What about sunflowers or yellow dots for your walls? Is the wallpaper yellow, it not only increases your mood, but also sparks creativity, refreshes your thoughts and stimulates your brain. Thus yellow wallpapers are especially suitable for work spaces or around your child's desk as it helps concentrating, supports effective learning and recalling information. Yellow can also support decision making. Due to its capability to trigger enthusiasm, fun and glee, yellow wallpaper is suitable for play rooms as well. In connection with wallpaper borders you can up the variety even more and create child appropriate surroundings. Yellow tones of lemon and honey are just as well suitable for all living spaces as all other shades of the merry colour. Yellow wall coverings can influence the perception of the room temperature due to the connection to sunlight and the consequential feeling of warmth and thus are perfect choices for people who freeze easily. You can create a broader room feeling for small rooms with yellow walls and give them a positive energy at the same time. Of course you don't have to use yellow just on its own, but you can mix it with many wonderful colours for even more atmosphere. A combination of yellow and green creates a spring ambience, yellow and orange combined create a even warmer room temperature. Trendy is also a mix of grey and yellow, which is a cooler colour mix, but still impressive and inspiring. A special contrast results of the combination of yellow and black or purple. Explore the versatile decorating possibilities of yellow wallpaper and find the perfect fit for your home!